Why Mohinga Matters

Mohinga is a big deal for Burmese people. It’s our go-to breakfast and it’s our identity. We proudly cook mohinga and treat our friends from different places to have a taste of Myanmar. So I guess Mohinga does matter.

Mohinga is basically made with thin rice noodle, dipped in rich fish soup. Sometimes, we add some deep fried delights to make ourselves fatter in the first meal of the day. When I was little, mohinga was exclusively for breakfast and I barely had to eat it because I always woke up late. But now, you can have mohinga 24/7 everywhere in Yangon; even after your wild night out, you can have mohinga.

Some fancy restaurants upgrade mohinga by cooking it with lobster instead of fish and serving it in expensive chinas while most vendors sell mohinga in cheap iron bowls to people who walk past in the streets.

No matter how it is cooked or served, mohinga matters for us Burmese and I believe that Mohinga is our identity. So yeh, Mohinga matters.


Fancy Mohinga from Rangoon Tea House (Photo Courtesy: Myanmar Insider)


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