How to woman in Myanmar

  1. You will be raised with double standards that do not make sense but you have to defy when you have chance.
  2. Do not follow outdated sayings like “treatsons like masters and husbands like god” that your big aunty will keep saying.
  3. Do not believe whenever parents/teachers say that girls are not as tough as boys.
  4. You are not the one who should be ashamed of being bullied.
  5. You are not the one who should be ashamed of sexual harassments either verbally or physically.
  6. You are entitled to your own freedom unless your actions hurt anyone or any boy.
  7. You’ll be taught that menstruation is something filthy to talk about or discuss for better understanding but eventually it is health issue.
  8. There will be no formal sex education.
  9. People will tell you to treat your hymen as a sacred gate to heaven and once it is opened, you will be worthless regardless of your intelligence, sophistication, or morale.
  10. Do not let older people, who were trapped in dictatorship for decades, tell you what you should be in life. You can be whoever you want to be. Time has changed.
  11. You deserve equal education as boys do.
  12. You have to work twice harder than boys to get into medicine school (or any school that provides profession that suits your interests and talents)
  13. You are allowed to pursue whatever subject or however high education as long as it sharpens your skills, knowledge and keeps you happy.
  14. Stay strong when the profession you pick is not female dominated.
  15. You only need to convince yourself when in doubt. Not other people.
  16. Work three or four times harder than old creeps at work and stay as professional as you can be.
  17. When creeps turn into cowards and start sabotaging you, respond them in as classy way as possible.
  18. Be your own knight in shining armor when people try to undermine your talents and skills, and try to push you down.
  19. Sometimes, sabotage comes from women. When it happens, be kind but never stay silent or lower your standard to theirs.
  20. If your HR is a hypocrite who talks you down and ask you to live with it, screw HR and talk to your boss. But if your boss is also a hypocrite, you deserve a better workplace.
  21. Learn some self-defense fighting to keep you out because government is not really protective of us women.
  22. Always keep some small weapons or pepper spray to keep yourself safe since the country is not safe anymore.
  23. If any harassment happens to you, have courage and speak up because your mom or big aunty will think it is shameful and ask you to keep it to yourself.
  24. Always know that people who foul you are the one who should be ashamed of. Not you for having the courage to expose it.
  25. Do not listen to any words spit from people who still live in 20th Century social standards when it is already 2018.
  26. Always know your self-worth.
  27. You can wear whatever you want. Don’t let men blame on your choice of clothing when it is their responsibility to keep their dick away.
  28. There will be countless times that you’d wish to be born as a male but you have only yourself to get yourself up even in the darkest time.
  29. Be kind to other women and create a warm, supportive and loving circle of women around you.
  30. Always try to speak up and empower women
  31. It is okay to stay single all your life. Ignore all the questions about when you’re getting married.
  32. It is also fine to not have kids as long as you and your husband are happy. Politely say “screw yourself” to people who ask when you start a family.
  33. Raise boys who respect girls and raise girls who fight for/defend her rights.
  34. Always prioritize your mental/physical health and happiness.
  35. Never give up the fight that women have been fighting for years.

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