A Visit to Phone Service Center

A Visit to PSC Graphic 1I had to visit a phone service shop today. It’s been 2 months that phone’s camera has not been working but u know I am not a “camera guy” so I did not bother visiting an expert. Still, the thought that something’s not proper needs scratching at the back of my mind. And thus, I finally walked down to the service place one of my friends recommended. The shop told me I had to leave the phone for one hour to do servicing.

So, here I am.
Walking down the streets.
Without a mobile phone.
For an hour.
What am I gonna do? I felt so empty in my pocket.

Today, people talk about how mobile phones are bad for you and how you should live without it and the concept is evening turning into a cliché. There are too many articles written on phones about how bad the smart phones are, really. I also have read enough guidelines on “life without mobile phones”. Yet, it wouldn’t happen to me, I thought. And when it actually did, I was not prepared. I did not know what to do.

Anyway, sometimes you don’t know what to do but you still do stuffs hoping to figure out what you are doing in the middle of what you happen to be doing.

Believing in that, I kept walking. Some of a few things or thoughts I did while I was patiently and calmly waiting for my phone back worth mentioning here:

A Visit to PSC MASTER Graphic 2

1)          Checked time on the watch
2)          Asked other people time
3)          Compared if my time’s correct
4)          Wondered whose time is incorrect
5)          Checked my phone for time reference
6)          Realized my phone is not in the pocket
7)          Suffered mini panic attack
8)          Recalled what happened
9)          Acted cool
10)     What else
11)     What else
12)     What else
13)     One hour yet? Nope
14)     Wondered what I had for breakfast
15)     Wondered what I had for dinner yesterday 
16)     Wondered what I had for lunch yesterday
17)     Wondered what I was gonna have for lunch today
18)     Whistled a song inside my head
19)     Whistled a second song inside my head
20)     Heard a few laughs
21)     Did people hear me?
22)     Acted cool
23)     Wished I had my phone with me
24)     Thought about getting the phone back without being fixed
25)     May be not
26)     Wondered what my favorite car was
27)     Oh yeah, Range Rover (Telsa was not valid)
28)     What color would it be
29)     Black, of course
30)     Would it be a left-hand drive
31)     May be I don’t care
32)     Wondered what my favorite movie was
33)     Fight club
34)     No, Forrest Gump
35)     Here it goes: Forrest Gump, Fight Club, Apollo 13
36)     Started to realize I might not get anything done during this 1 hour
37)     Thought I ought to give the shop a call to ask if it’s finished
38)     Tried to reach my phone
39)     Realized it is not in the pocket
40)     Suffered mini panic attack
41)     Recalled what happened
42)     Acted cool
43)     Wondered what was happening in the football world
44)     Thought about all the new things I was missing out
45)     Imagined our lives without smart phones
46)     Too scary, too scary
47)     Almost 30 minutes gone
48)     Couldn’t wait any longer
49)     Had to walk back and check on the shop
50)     Thank god, it’s done

I had never been happier to get my phone back. Some people survived war, some people cancer. In my case, I survived 30 minutes without a smart phone. Hey, I am not comparing or anything. They are all tragic and disasters. If I could give you one advice today, keep your phone camera clean. Phew, I even had to write one post on Facebook about my miserable day. And it is this one.

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