Freedom Memoirs – Day 5

So day 5, here we go.

Civil Disobedience Movement continues to grow. The organisers recognise 5th February as Nationwide CDM Day, and urge all the civil servants to stand with the public. The sound of pot-banging and car-honking got louder and longer last night. Regardless of Facebook ban (wink wink), the heart-warming images of elderlies joining the pots and pans movement show that no one is bothered by the roaring sound of driving the evil away. However, we heard a few arrests of the pot-bangers, and one remarkable case was that a pot-banger in Yangon was arrested by an unknown motorcycle man but his neighbours managed to bring him back. Applause to the community spirit!

We welcome the announcements made by both local and international businesses cutting ties with military backed businesses.  Meanwhile, major business tycoons travelled to Naypyidaw to meet the newly installed “State Administration Council” two days in a row. (A source said that they even did Covid tests overnight for the meeting!) Leading figures from Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and Myanmar Banks Association, we see you and we will never forget.

Looking at the so-called State Administration Council, we see some prominent ethnic politicians taking council member positions: Pado Mahn Nyein Maung (Karen), Daw Aye Nu Sein (Rakhine), Saw Daniel (Kayah). Leading members of the NLD once upon a time, U Thein Nyunt and U Khin Maung Swe also take the council member positions. After taking the position, U Khin Maung Swe told BBC that these civil obedience movements “will die down eventually” as time goes by. We see you, we hear you, and we will never forget. 

Then the case of Daw Thet Thet Khine. Businesswoman turned NLD’s parliamentarian, who accused DASSK of micromanaging the party and went on to found her own political party but failed miserably, has now taken the position of the Union Minister that a dictator spares.  (International friends, her ministry will be responsible for the repatriation process of Rohingya refugees. Keep an eye out.) In a quick interview after the announcement, she said she took the position because it’s “the right position for the right person”. The audacity! But we see you, we hear you, and we will never forget.

While the UN Security Council is “deeply concerned” about our current situation and demands the immediate release of our leaders, we must know that this fight is our fight. Fellow resistance forces, don’t be intimidated by the threats, but also be careful. We are in this for a long run so let us all stay strong. 

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