Freedom Memoirs – Day 46

A terrible news came in from Rakhine early this morning that a huge fire broke out in Tain Nyo Camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Mrauk-U, displacing over 660 households out of total 880. The camp was previously struggling with the lack of access to clean water and this incident has come at a terrible timing. First, IDPs had to endure war, then lack of water, now loss of temporary homes. Past two months have been tough for people of Myanmar, and even worse for people in the IDP camps. The only positive thing we see out of this is the way people rush to donate/help out each other. And the fire (this time) may have nothing to do with the terrorist military but they were the ones who put innocent people in the IDP camps in the first place so every issue in the country seems to share the same culprit.

Speaking of culprits, the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) which is created by UNHRC said they are following the coup events and collecting evidence of violence against those peacefully opposing the coup. They also said “the persons most responsible for the most serious international crimes are usually those in high leadership positions and to prove their responsibility requires evidence of reports received, orders given and how policies were set” and urged those who have such information to contact the mechanism to build concrete cases against those responsible. Only high-ranking officers could have access to such evidence of reports and illegal orders so we will have to see how many of those would choose to come clean.

Judging by the videos circulated online, it’s hard to believe armed thugs when they say “they are only following orders”. Last night and this morning, civilians in South Oakkala, Ye Kyaw, Ahlone and certain areas of Mandalay were forced by terrorists to remove road barricades put up by protesters. Innocent victims were not only held at gunpoint but also made to chant protest songs with embarrassment while they were “working”. There are also tons of videos on Tiktok where soldiers threaten and make fun of helpless civilians. Such actions indicate police and soldiers may conduct their duties as ordered from upstairs but with extreme pleasure. So, when IIMM eventually put criminals on trials, they better make sure there is a courtroom large enough for all these armed thugs.

The number of fatalities has not declined despite the decreased number of people on the streets everyday across the country. AAPP reported that minimum of 217 people died during this spring revolution until yesterday and it’s a significant jump from 79 last Saturday. Even in a quiet day like today, we have heard initial reports about the incident in North Oakkala where a woman betel nut seller was shot dead by thugs for no apparent reason. Murderous evils keep feasting on innocent lives.

On the same day Professor Dr Zaw Wai Soe promises a federal state and federal army in the near future, reports came that Kachin Independent Army (KIA) attacked three stations of terrorist military near Hpakant area to public’s delight. In other news, DASSK is set to face more corruption charges by junta as a prominent crony confessed on state-owned media that he had paid cash sums to the lady a number of times with no witness. While terrorist military is making up such stories that will fool no one, it still doesn’t get a legitimacy from a single country, it still can’t run the government system, it still can’t get the banks operational, it still can’t even feed the soldiers sufficiently.

All the killings may depress us or destroy us, but knowing that the coup leader is running out of options keep us going. It’s pretty devastating at times being in this situation but we are writing a history, a history of our own. Hang in there, everyone.

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