Freedom Memoirs – Day 48

by mohingamatters

Last night before the internet shutdown, we saw several reports on social media about terrorist forces shooting and arresting frontline defenders from protests in Hlaing Township, resulting in the instant death of a young man, and another was arrested. We woke up to learn that family of the young man who was arrested last night was contacted by the military to collect the dead body. In Pakokku, Magway Region, a mother was also shot and arrested, but similarly the family was asked to collect the body in the morning, leaving her three children in despair. A 30-years-old night guard in Mogok, Mandalay Region was also shot dead last night.

Terrorist military excels at cold-blooded killing, abusive tortures, looting, and destroying private properties. Today in Yangon, we saw that cars parked on the streets were vandalized and bulldozed by the commands of armed thugs. CCTVs installed in private houses were also destroyed, terrorising people at its best. 

Regardless, Myanmar people’s determination to take down the military dictatorship does not fade. Today we saw protests of many kinds nationwide: from marching to people-less protests. Of course, these protests came with high prices since terrorist soldiers couldn’t stop killing innocent people. As of writing this, initial news reported that one death in Paung, Mon State, one in Tarmwe and another in Tharketa of Yangon. This evening, DVB news reported that dead body of a man was found in Ngamoeyeik Creek in North Dagon township, one of the townships under the martial law. 

Speaking of townships under the martial law, we receive very limited number of news report from those townships such as Hlaing Tharyar, Shwepyitha since the mobile internet shutdown. From the limited reports, we see that people from Hlaing Tharyar are still protesting and resisting against the armed thugs.

Depayin, a small town in Sagaing Region, was known for the 2003 massacre organised by the government-sponsored mob. The incident was planned to assassinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi during her travel, but she escaped from death. However, at least 70 people, who were associated with NLD, were killed. In 2021, Depayin residents changed the course of history. On March 18, villagers from Depayin Township confronted terrorist forces, resulting in two deaths of terrorist policemen. To take revenge on villagers, terrorist forces arrested six villagers on pretext that some weapons were stolen by them. They have also seized two villages so some villagers packed up their belongings, and fled to somewhere safe.

In a village in Myawaddy district, Thai-Myanmar border area, two junta-appointed village administrators were shot dead by a group of unknown armed men. A militia was also injured but later passed away at a military hospital. The armed group remains unknown. 

Despite the bad news, we also saw heart-warming reports as well. The junta gave an ultimatum to Mandalay railroad staffs to return to work or they have to leave staff housing. The CDM staffs proudly left their staff housing this morning. We want to be half as brave as them! In Myitkyina, local residents put up temporary street signs to change the street names in honour of two men who gave their lives at the hands of terrorist soldiers. 

In other news, the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing and a few military leaders took a day trip to Cocokyun, an island located in the Bay of Bangal, known for military base. The reason of the visit is not known but people speculate with hope that he was there to give a pep talk to his little puppets for imminent war. The near future is uncertain. But we are determined to stay united, be kind to one another, and rebuild a better state that doesn’t produce inhumane terrorists.

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