Freedom Memoirs – Day 68

Due to the various kinds of Internet shutdown, we were unable to collect and verify information but many netizens report that late night raids were still happening all over the country. Seven men in Lanmadaw Township, and four people in South Okkalar Township were abducted last night. At midnight, a few folks started the Countdown Strike which was to countdown until midnight, then chant “We Want Democracy” instead of Happy New Year. The plan is to continue doing the Countdown Strike for entire April. From dawn to midnight, Myanmar people are resisting the coup in any possible way.

Day 68, we woke up to the news that three protest camps in Bago were cracked down by the junta’s forces at 5am in the morning. Local sources said that junta’s forces used 40 mm rifle grenades as they attacked the camps. The violence continued throughout the day and, thousands of residents even had to flee from their homes to safe havens. Initial reports said that at least four people were killed but local sources said the death toll hit at least ten people, while unverified news tonight reported fatalities could be up to 40 due to the chaotic situation. We pray for our people in Bago. 

Entire day, we saw reports of protests nationwide. The people of Mandalay kept up their resistance spirit with marching strikes by students, teachers, and monks despite the junta’s forces’ presence in many parts of the city. Protesters from Myinchan Township also staged marching protest in the streets despite the violent crackdowns. In many parts of Yangon, various small groups of demonstrators organised protests in flash mob strategy. Past few days, we reported about how protesters and their camps in Kalay township, Sagaing Region were severely attacked by the junta’s forces. Today, the people of Kalay Township still managed to march around town to protest against the coup. From the hills in the north, plains in the central Myanmar, delta and costal regions in the south, anti-coup protests are still going strong. 

Unfortunately, our creative and peaceful resistance efforts were always confronted with violence. In Loikaw township, Kayah State, two protesters were shot by the junta’s armed thugs. One was shot at the shoulder and another at his arm. In Myitkyina, Kachin State, the residents and students’ combined protest was cracked down and two female students were arrested. In Sanchaung township, Yangon, two young protesters were shot with rubber bullets and another two were arrested. 

In addition to brutal assaults on peaceful protesters, the terrorist military continued to attack the ethnic armed organisations (EAOs). Last night, local sources reported that the military launched attacks in Laiza, where headquarter of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) located. Similarly, Karen Nation Union (KNU) areas were also hit with heavy artillery last night, resulting in one death of a 60 years old villager. The KNU announced that more than 30,000 civilians had fled from their homes due to the military’s relentless attacks. 

Remember how we reported about the junta’s forces confiscating PSI satellite dishes in Mon State? Today in various townships in Yangon, the terrorist soldiers warned that households must disassemble PSI satellite dishes and submit to them. In Mandalay, the junta-appointed ward/township administrators were seen confiscating the satellite dishes as well. Started from the internet shutdown, the junta desperately cut our communications with the world. 

So far, we can’t still verify the rumour about nationwide internet shutdown from April 10-20. At this point, there is no news we could simply wipe out as fake when it comes to junta’s oppression and violence. We battled ourselves a lot with “are they really going to do it” question in the past and they have not once hesitated in proving us that there is no line they will not cross.

So, we hope it stays as a rumour, but if and when we go dark, we will still try our best to share the news to the world in any way we can even if it’s not possible to provide full length daily reports like this. So make sure to check out our Facebook page everyday at the usual time.

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