Freedom Memoirs – Day 147

Today saw five explosions in Yangon’s Insein township since 8am this morning and another explosion at the immigration office in Mayangone Township. As of now, there have been no casualties reported from these explosions. In the aftermath, the murderous military council’s security forces chose to act out by shooting continuously for an hour in the nearby neighborhood, threatening the residents of Manyangone township. And in Insein, the lackeys were patrolling more than normal, causing unnecessary stress for the people. 

Despite the unrest, the youths of Sanchaung township marched through the streets with one message only, that is to condemn the state media such as Myawady (MWD) and MRTV for reporting disinformation and misinformation that the military council is sprouting. South Dagon township also saw the youths staging guerrilla protests through markets.

In Mandalay Region, we saw about eight protests occurring today in various parts of Mandalay from the university students, monks, protest alliance groups, medical families and motorbike rallies. Despite being known as a military town, people of Pyin Oo Lwin came out in the midst of heightened security to stage guerilla protests today.

In the neighboring Sagaing Region, villagers in Letpadaung region of Salingyi Township and villagers from Yinmabin Township came out in red to honor the recent fallen hero from the region, and to protest in unity for the fall of the military regime. Residents of Kalay town continued to march through today in spite of the reports of clashes between the Kalay-People’s Defence Force and the security forces this afternoon on the road between Kalay and Gantgaw townships. The shootout lasted for an hour which started during a security forces’ patrol, and about 15 civilians are reportedly being arrested in the aftermath. But about four inhumane security forces were also reported to have been injured in the process.

One bold protest we saw today was from villagers in Magway Region’s Pwintbyu township who were staging a symbolic protest by sharpening the knife that will be used to conquer the security forces. Protests continued on strongly in the southern part of Myanmar with residents from Kanpauk taking to the streets to protest in the streets of Tanintharyi Region together with the residents of Launglon, Dawei and Thayetchaung Township. Internationally, Myanmar diaspora from South Korea protested today in the city of Daejeon as well. 

A lot of arrest reports came out today from Magway’s Gantgaw township. Two CDM-police were reported to have been arrested on June 26 from their hiding places. Mizzima News also reported today that a protest leader from Kokka village who is also a member of National League for Democracy (NLD) was arrested on the evening of June 24 after an informant tipped off the security forces. 

On the People Defense Forces’ (PDF) front, Mobye-People Defense Force (MBPDF) from Shan State released a statement today warning the people not to work together with the murderous military council. The statement said if people are serving as informants or helping the military council to continue functioning, MBPDF will be annihilating them starting from today. PDF from Mandalay announced that during the June 22’s clashes, nine members of the murderous junta, including one lieutenant colonel were killed, and from the MDY-PDF side, two were killed and six were captured. 

We don’t know what the junta is planning but today, residents from Shan State’s Lashio, Chin State’s Mindat and Sagaing Region’s Pale saw military helicopters flying around the vicinity of the towns in the morning. DVB News also reported that nearly 50 plainclothes-civilians were seen practicing at the shooting range at the Defense Services Technological Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin on June 26. A source close to the academy said these shooting ranges are off-limits to the public, and only cadets and national athletes are allowed to practice there. Residents of Pyin Oo Lwin are concluding that these are probably the retired officers from the military and members of Pyu Saw Htee as only these military’s gullible followers would be allowed to do something like this. 

With Covid-19 cases rampaging in Myanmar in recent days, many private schools are preparing to go back to online learning process, but Khit Thit Media reported that the education department under the murderous military council is not allowing the private basic education schools to implement online learning, and is forcing the schools to continue opening. One teacher from the private school told Khit Thit Media that the school attendance via online learning will not qualify for the students to sit for the national exams, and only in-school attendance will be considered. Looks like the murderous regime continues to prove everyone that they are set on murdering the civilians one way or another, and plan to put the entire nation into chaos for as long as they are in charge. 

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