Freedom Memoirs – Day 171

Covid surges have increased unprecedentedly across townships in Myanmar. According to the junta's MOHS, there are 5,860 new cases within 24 hours. American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized Myanmar Covid-19 situation as a very high level “Red” and alerted travellers to avoid entering the country. National Unity Government (NUG)’s Health Minister Dr. … Continue reading Freedom Memoirs – Day 171

Freedom Memoirs – Day 163

These days, COVID-19 dominates the people’s mind. Instead of hospital beds and care, oxygen have become more prized. After announcing of restrictions on oxygen availability yesterday, around 10pm soldiers forcefully dispersed the crowd queuing for oxygen tank filling at an industrial zone in Yangon and reportedly arrested some, according to media reports. Additionally, local media … Continue reading Freedom Memoirs – Day 163