Freedom Memoirs – Day 195

NLD’s Mandalay Region Chief Minister Dr Zaw Myint Maung has been taken into an intensive care unit (ICU) of Mandalay hospital today. His son Dr Nyan Wai Phyo talked to Mizzima News that the NLD veteran was suffering from COVID 19 and now being provided oxygen. He also mentioned that his father has been coping well despite the situation. Dr Zaw Myint Maung is no stranger to hard times, he was elected as a representative in 1990; however, instead of joining the parliament, he was put in prison and sentenced for 25 years by then military junta. He was only released in 2009 after 19 years behind bars and entered the by-election in 2012. As he consistently conquered successive dictator’s oppressions, we hope he pulls off another miracle by beating COVID-19.

In Waing Maw Township, Light Infantry Battalion 58 has instructed people from nearby areas to evacuate by 2 pm latest today, implying that there will be more serious clashes in near future. Following an attack by the joint forces of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People Defense Forces (PDF), LIB 58 has been shooting indiscriminately towards civilians’ neighborhoods, and a woman was killed yesterday too.

In more war news, junta’s forces have resumed offensives near Mindat Township of Chin State on August 13 and nearly 4,000 people had to flee into safety in one day. A spokesperson from Chin Defense Force (CDF) said that two military units of regime entered into CDF’s territory and it caused both sides to open fire. Regime’s soldiers used rockets and RPG rockets which injured two members of CDF but no casualties were reported from junta’s side. Regime’s military has been looting, raiding and trespassing in the villages on daily basis and at least four civilians were used as porters after yesterday’s battle.   

In Kani Township of Sagaing Region, regime’s soldiers stormed into Mudaw village and committed usual thuggish acts today. According to Mizzima’s news based on local sources, soldiers robbed at least five motorbikes and destroyed an air conditioner in the village. They also carried out a brutal investigation on a 40-year-old man for mysterious reasons and harmed his head, hands and chest in the process. Junta’s forces have been deployed in Kani’s schools as there have been continuous clashes in Sagaing Region.

Another ward administrator hit the headlines once again today. U Aung Maw, a local administrator from Mingalardon township of Yangon was shot and suffered head injuries. According to local sources, he is from the same office which had instructed the residents not to put up white flags, a sign calling for help in need of food and medicine during the peak days of COVID-19 third wave. In nearby township of Mingalardon, an explosion near the local administration office was witnessed around 11 am today. There has been no report so far on casualties yet junta’s forces were seen investigating at the location until 2 pm.

A much-celebrated news on social media came in late in the evening that six policemen were attacked on a Yangon Circular Train by unidentified armed men and at least four were killed on the spot. The incident took place on the train which was traveling towards Insein Township from Central Railway Station. Between Panhlaing Station and Alone Street Station, the unknown men held a gun on the train conductor and opened fires on the six policemen, two survivors were taken into 500-bed military hospital. Not only did they manage to kill four and injure another two, the men also took four guns that were lying by the side of his victims. Junta’s forces were only able to collect the dead bodies and did not even arrive in time to check the number of attackers.

Frankly, such news keeps us motivated and fired up to keep defying junta. As every one of us is not cut out for using guns and explosives, we must keep finding different ways we can assist the revolution. One of the easiest ways is to purchase Spring (Nwayoo) Lottery tickets organized by National Union Government. Ticket price is 2,000 MMK a piece and the lottery will be held bi-monthly. 30% of the revenue will be prize money and the rest will be provided for CDM and you know what. Junta’s Aungbarlay Lottery Department’s Director U Nyi Nyi Hlaing said that whoever purchases NUG’s Nwayoo Lottery tickets could face consequences; for instance, their bank accounts could be frozen, etc. However, many see that as a challenge instead of a risk and pledge to participate in the campaign to provide much-needed sustainable fundings for the one and only government of Myanmar, the NUG.

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