Freedom Memoirs – Day 218

by mohingamatters

The State Administrative Council (SAC) likes to go along with its old playbook of dirty tricks to this day. Court hearings of the President U Win Myint and the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi were postponed again to September 13 and 14, and the lawyers were not permitted to schedule a meeting with them. A former member of the Dagon University Student Union, Min Thuka, was charged with 10-year imprisonment today. He was arrested on June 5. The SAC today fired 234 staff from the United Nations and other International Non-governmental Organizations (INGO) who are jointly employed with the Ministry of Health and Sports. Reasons were that the staff have been away from the office and working from home, they would not be allowed back to the department for security concerns, and their backgrounds will be checked if they were to be employed again for future joint-projects with the ministry. This old playbook is not updated, and continues to be used by the same but different people with guns.

On the other hand, people have upgraded to the 21st Century know-hows and technology to fight the military. Winners of the Grand Prizes were announced yesterday for raffle tickets. It was a very successful campaign led by the Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government (NUG) with official fundraisers around the world and in Myanmar. People both inside and outside of the country were so eager to support the People Defense Forces (PDF) who are fighting for the future of the country. Amid rains and storms, PDF across the country has shown remarkable resilience, and won many battles.  NUG’s Ministry of Defense reported today that a total number of 580 members of the junta forces and lackeys from the military side were killed during the 443 clashes throughout the country in August alone by the PDF. The regime’s forces, on the other hand, committed 129 violent crimes against the innocent civilians. The clashes in August were the most common in Sagaing with PDF from various areas of Sagaing region.

Urban guerrilla forces are also boldly taking risks where they have performed bomb blasts to the areas that the soldiers and police have stationed. A bomb blasted around 4am this morning in Yangon near Myanmar Plaza, and security was tight from the morning in search for the people responsible for the blast. Similarly, two bomb blasts this afternoon in Pyay township, Bago region, killed at least three junta soldiers who had been stationed at the Khittayar park. After the blast, some shootouts were exchanged. Security is tightened in the whole town and everyone out was stopped for inspection. In Tedim, Chin State, a police officer with sub-lieutenant rank on patrol was shot dead. Security is tightened in the small town of Tedim now. Similarly in Yangon, a patrolling police sergeant was killed. No one has claimed the responsibility, and they were not yet found. 

Yesterday evening, SAC-appointed village administrator, and a member of the pro-military Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), was beaten and stabbed to death in In Dine village, Yay Oo township, Sagaing. Witnesses speculated that this was in response to the incident from the other day where the soldiers killed a 21-year-old young man named Maung Khine Zaw. Soldiers are seen looting properties, destroying people’s homes and livelihoods in Taze and Yay Oo townships. In the ruby-town Mogok, a couple, who were notoriously known as military informers, were shot to death at the spot when they were at the market. Soldiers and police came, yet again, they could not find people responsible for the incident. Parents of the policeman in Depayin town and a military informant in Monywa were killed.

In Sagaing and Magway regions, 14 People Defense Forces (PDF), that represent 14 townships and villages, formed an alliance to fight the military together until its evil system is rooted out of the country. Chinland Defense Force (CDF) released a statement today that they are giving 60 Lakh MMK (equals to slightly more than 3,600 USD) to any soldier who would join them in the fight against the military and side with the people instead of the evil junta.

Again, 218 days into the coup, people marched to the streets in Mandalay, and Shwebo town of Sagaing chanted that they support the NUG and are against military rule. Protesters of Launglon town of Dawei district shouted they welcome the soldiers and police who side with the people joining civil disobedience movement (CDM). Sangha group joined the marches to fight against the evil military. People in Kalay township demonstrated against the military. Sarlingyi and Myaing towns also did not fail to join the protest today. A women-led “Rose-Color Revolution” campaign is to be held from September 7 and women of Dawei district asked the public to join them.

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