Freedom Memoirs – Day 234

by mohingamatters

Last night around 10pm, a junta’s guard soldier on Yangon-Naypyitaw highway checkpoint argued with his Lieutenant supervisor before shooting him to death and flee away. A local resident told Khit Thit media that the Lieutenant was shot, but still alive and the soldier escaped along with the gun. It is certain that there’s a disharmony within the army. Another incident happened in Sagaing Region validated that the military forces were on the verge of collapse. According to CDM soldier Captain Zero, Lieutenant Than Myint from Military Nurse Batch (8) was murdered on September 17th. The culprit was not identified in the case, and the regime’s army secretly buried the victim. While informing the family members of his death, his senior Min Soe Oo lied that the victim deserted the army without any notice.

We previously reported that the junta’s forces have destroyed Htan-ta-lan, Chin State with heavy artilleries and weapons. According to Hakha Times and Hakha Post, most locals have already left the town for their safety, and only about 28 people are currently left in the town, of which two of them are COVID-19 patients. There are three families remaining in Htan-ta-lan, and are praying on the hunger strike for safety of Hta-ta-lan residents. As most people have fled the town, there is no one left to bury the corpse of a 61-year-old grandmother who passed away today. In Mindat, souther part of Chin, about 6,000 war refugees are facing the risk of shortage of food supplies.

The brutal acts of the regime’s subordinates continue to take place nationwide. Khit Thit Media reported that about 200 soldiers have invaded into A Yar Taw, Kyar Pin Hla and Ma Kyee Kan Villages in Sagaing, and abducted 30 women. They also killed and consumed farm pigs as residents left their villages. Moreover, junta’s forces stole the belongings of civilians in Kaung Sa Tee village in Pansine, Shan State. Pa O’ National Organization, an ally of the military, invaded the temporary army camp of Aungban Special Defense Force (ASDF) on the morning of September 18th according to Myanmar Now. As the number of forces are at disadvantage, ASDF retreated their camp. According to DVB News, the regime’s forces burned down the camp upon seizing it. During the battle, two junta’s soldiers died and three were injured whereas nobody was injured from ASDF. Junta’s forces also attempted to raid the Kangyidaunt urban guerrilla forces camp in Ayawaddy Region last night. Fortunately, Kangyidaunt defense forces managed to escape from the battle without any casualties. 

This afternoon, Karen National Union (KNU)’s Dupalaryar district secretary Pado Saw Lissatan confirmed to Karen Information Center that a battle occurred between KNLA Brigade 6 and the assaulting junta’s forces n Nat Chaung middle village in Kyar-in-seikkyi township. The reason for the fight was that the military’s army demanded that they deploy their forces in Phayar-ngote-tho village which is under the controlled region of KNU. As KNU had denied their request, about 70 soldiers charged into KNU area, and the fight broke out. The clash resulted in one death and two injuries from the junta’s side.

During UN Assembly Meeting yesterday, U.S. president Joe Biden delivered the speech stating that the democratic forces in Myanmar are fighting the battle against the dictatorship, and he pledged to contribute towards a peaceful, prosperous future. U.N secretary Antonio Guterres also asserted his support on the democratic movement in Myanmar. Meanwhile, U Kyaw Moe Tun urged international countries and UN security council to take actions on Myanmar’s junta for the atrocious crimes they have committed against the civilians. 

PDF members have been acting quite actively today. Bombs were detonated in the ward administration office in Dawbon township, and traffic police station in Insein township in Yangon. Hlaingtharyar guerrilla forces claimed that they were responsible for bombings. Mizzima News reported that there have also been deaths of military informants. Ward administrator Thein Win Zaw from Taikkyi, Yangon was shot to death this morning. The victim was known as the military informant, and his father is from the police force.

In Eastern Dagon Myothit township, People Defense Force Little Hero announced that they were responsible for the death of motorbike carrier Kyaw Gyi who was also a military informant. Similarly, MGN Tiger shot the ex-military officers Win Hlaing and Myo San dead in Nyaung Oo township Mandalay. In Kanbalu township, a Pyu-saw-htee group leader and member has also been stabbed. A former Lieutenant San Aye was shot to death in Mogok township. Dragon Warriors shot the ward administrator Aye Min Ko, appointed by the State Administration Council (SAC), in Tanintharyi Region. Mytel telecom towers in Sint Kuu and Demawso have also been bombed today. Mawlamyine Road Transport Administration Department in Mawlamyine was also attacked with a bomb.

The economy of Myanmar continued to plunge since February coup. A staff of Myanmar Unique Garment Factor in Hlaingtharyar township posted on his social media that the factory has been temporarily shut down today after eight years of operation. The factory had over thousand employees. Hlaingtharyar Industry Zone administration officer also commented that factories can operate well only if the political situations and banking systems become stabilized.

To express their distress towards limited job opportunities and rising inflation, protesters staged demonstrations across Myanmar in Sarlingyi, Phaung Karr, Laung Lone, Monywa, Mandalay, Pauk, Dawei, Hlaingtharyar, Dawbon, Taketa, Mandalay, Pakokku, Yinmarbin, Kalay, Shwebo and Myitkyina.

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