Freedom Memoirs – Day 243

Regime forces all over the country suffered attacks since early morning. Around 7.30am in Sagaing Region, Kyun Hla township, a grenade was thrown inside a teashop where a group of junta soldiers were enjoying morning tea. NBung Dat Kasa – Kachin Media reported that three junta soldiers including a major rank died on the spot, and two were severally injured. Around 8am in Monywa, Sagaing Region, Monywa UG Group and Monywa The Boys group planted a bomb at a gate where regime soldiers camped out. The blast killed two regime soldiers. In Karen State, Kawkareik township, Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA)-Separated detonated a military convoy, which was patrolling for South Eastern Commander on Asia highway road, around 9am. DKBA told Khit Thit Media that four soldiers, including a captain, died instantly and three injured. What a start for a new month!

Even in the capital Naypyidaw, the military offices are no longer safe. It was reported that a bomb blast took place inside the compound of Military’s Procurement Department around 5pm yesterday. Due to the blast, a military used highlander car and entrance ceiling was damaged but no injury was reported. Naypyidaw People Defense Force (PDF) claimed the responsibility and said that it was carried out with the help of a resistance forces which wished to remain anonymous. Naypyidaw PDF’s spokesperson told Myanmar Now media that more large-scaled attacks at the regime’s establishments would be carried out as they had done with preparations. 

In addition to the uniformed soldiers, several un-uniformed junta lackeys also saw unfortunate fate today. Military informant from Nyaung-U township, Mandalay Region Thein Zaw Min and wife were shot by an unknown gunman around 8am this morning, killing the wife on the spot. In Thaung Thar township of the same region, junta appointed administrator U Kyaw Htay and wife were also shot dead yesterday. In Yangon, military informant Koe Thaung from North Dagon township passed away with gunshot wound yesterday, and Little Heroes force claimed responsibility for it. On the same evening, a grenade was thrown inside the house of a military informant in Thingangyun township. The bloody business doesn’t bring any justice but continue reading to find out why the people have no choice but to attack the junta’s forces and supporters. 

Early morning today, regime soldiers raided Pyin Htaung village in Khin-U township, Sagaing Region, and killed five civilians including a five-year-old child. Khit Thit Media reported that about 50 villagers were detained and homes were also burned down. Regime soldiers left the village in the afternoon, but the situation of detained villagers were yet to be known. Local villagers told Khit Thit Media that the regime soldiers raided their village because of an informant but there was no PDFs in their area. This afternoon, Pyinmana Revolution Army (PRA) released the news of passing of its comrade Ko Yan Paing. He was abducted by regime forces on May 2, and was severely tortured during the custody. Due to the severe torture, he was admitted at Naypyidaw 1000 Bed hospital to treat the loss of hearing on one ear, broken fingers and other internal wounds, however, he was pronounced dead this morning. 

Due to active conflicts, the number of internally displaced people (IDP) increased all over the country. Today, DVB News reported that IDPs in Hpakant township, Kachin State faced shortage of medicine and food supplies. A local said that the IDPs included elderlies, women and children, and some of them were sick. About 400 IDPs in Lawah village fled from their homes on September 25, and the regime soldiers were still near their village so they dared not go home yet. A refugee camp in Kyauk Htu area of Saw township, Magway Region face the same problem. Due to the increasing IDPs and lack of support, Kyauk Htu IDP Management team purchased rice bags with credits for food supplies. Active fighting continued in their area but the camp could no longer provide shelters for new people anymore.

If our readers recall the Spring Lottery which was opened in August as a mean of fundraising by the National Unity Government (NUG), the lottery team announced that 75 winners were picked by computerised random selection system to reward with 30% of lottery ticket money. However, 62 out of 75 winners pledged their reward money as contribution to the NUG. The winners were contacted by the Spring Lottery team discreetly for the sake of their safety. Meanwhile, the regime’s Aung Bar Lay Lottery also announced its highest winner today, and the winner was a man from Yangon’s Botahtaung township. Majority of Myanmar people boycotted Aung Bar Lay Lottery to stop the regime’s income, and the reward money was dramatically reduced due to the boycott. However, the winner announcement only proves the harsh truth that there are still people who contribute to the regime’s income. 

Nine months ago today, Min Aung Hlaing robbed our country and our future for his own greed. From peaceful protests to armed revolution, the country becomes more and more chaotic as the time drags, but we must brace ourselves for more chaos because we cannot afford to lose this time. While our brave brothers and sisters are taking up arms, some are still rejecting with protest rallies despite arrests and tortures. While urban folks are also trying their best to make money in the bad economy so that they can support our PDF fighters, striking civil servants still refuse to go back to work. In this revolution, everyone is doing his/her part to restore democracy in our country. So even if one is not helping, it is important that one must not harm the resistance forces. 

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