Freedom Memoir – Day 303

The State Administration Council (SAC)’s court was scheduled to give its verdict in the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial today. However, the ruling has been postponed to December 6as the judge has not apparently received the sentence order from SAC. Yet another proof of how the judiciary system is useless and judges became the puppets of Min Aung Hlaing. The scenario reminded people of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s previous house arrest under the former military regime back in 1990s. Since it is highly unlikely that the court will acquit the lady, the only question that remains now is whether she will be placed under house arrest or be placed inside a prison, which had never happened before even under Than Shwe-led administration.
Youths are always targeted by the military forces since they do not hesitate to speak against the junta and are actively participating in the protests everywhere in Myanmar. Ma Theint Zin Zin Phu from Pone-kyun ward, Dawei in Tanintharyi Region went missing on November 25. Her family spoke to Khit Thit Media that they only realized four days later that their daughter had been abducted by the junta forces. Dawei Technological University’s Student University released a statement that they will try their best efforts for the release of Ma Theint Zin Zin Phu. Her friend also claimed that she used to be a part of Engineering and Education student group in the past, but she was no longer involved in these protests. It is also reported that another youth from Dawei protest group also lost contact with the protest group committee since the night of November 12.
The Irrawaddy reported today that Ma Thae Su Naing, the former student union chairman of Meikhtila University, was tortured and one of her legs got broken during interrogation. She is also denied a medical treatment. Right now, she cannot even stand or walk properly, and her father has to assist her when she needs to go to the bathroom. Along with her father, they were arrested on the evening of November 22 by the regime’s army, and the soldiers accused her as a People’s Defense Force (PDF) leader. Currently, she is still detained inside Brigade 99 with her leg injury, and she has been interrogated for over a week. Moreover, Ko Ye Thu Hlaing, a former student of Mandalay and Thanlyin Co-operative College and a government staffer on Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), passed away in interrogation center. He was arrested on November 19.
The junta’s army cruelty does not end there. A pro-democracy activist Ko Sai Mon Zaw from Waw Township, Bago Region was pronounced dead on the early morning of November 30 due to the injuries he had received in the interrogation center. He was arrested for delivering protest leaflets on April 18, and released on parole on October 19. However, he had sustained too much injuries during his time in interrogation center, and he passed away while receiving medical treatment. His close friend spoke to the media that Ko Sai Mon Zaw had a hepatitis B virus, his medical condition worsened due to the wounded lungs. Furthermore, National Unity Government (NUG) announced that Ko Than Htun Aung from Myingyan Township, Magway, and Ko Thiha Kyaw @ Khone Khone from Thingangyun township, Mandalay also fell victims of the military as they both passed away on November 29due to extreme torture.
We have previously reported that nine medical female officers from Kalay PDF were arrested during the battle on November 16. The Irrawaddy News gave us an update that they have been transferred to Kalay Prison. Kalay PDF representative said that these girls were denied from the visit by their family members, and their health conditions inside the prison remained unknown. Six of them were sent to Kalay prison on November 24 and the remaining three on November 28. The sister of one of the arrested victims Lah Mon Keem Me spoke to the media that she had heard from her ward’s authority personnel that her sister was in the jail. She paid a visit to the prison las Saturday to give some clothing and snacks; however, she could not meet her sister, and could only leave the items with the person in charge.
Some good news come from Pinlebu Township in Sagaing where the military forces are losing massively against local PDFs in the region. A former Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) member Win Thein and the military informant Nyo Than were shot around 8 am this morning in a teashop. Moreover, Win Thein’s residence was also bombed. The scout group PR confirmed to Khit Thit Media that both had passed away at the scene. Locals claim that former USDP officer Win Thein was working together with the junta forces in Pinlebu Southern Ward in arresting pro-democracy movement activists, NLD supporters, and youths.
Ministry of Planning, Finance, and Investment from National Unity Government (NUG) announced that the sales of bonds to the public will temporarily be put on hold commencing November 29. Since the demand for NUG bonds is extremely high, there is a need for NUG to comply with respective banks rules and regulations, and the sales will resume on December 6. In the statement, NUG also mentioned that they appreciate all bond buyers for their enthusiasm in fighting against the junta despite many difficulties. NUG is also planning to send all the bond contracts sold last week and for those that have already received Order ID can transfer money to respective banks as normal processes.
As usual, peaceful demonstrations and flash mob strikes were witnessed in many areas across the country. And intense inspection of vehicles continues in Yangon today as all the main roads leading up to downtown townships were blocked from morning till evening and regime forces were seen stopping cars, inspecting trunks and people on board.

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