Freedom Memoirs – Day 332

This morning around 5:40am in Yangon’s Insein Township, Ywarma Police Station was attacked with a grenade which led to back-and-forth firings between junta’s soldiers and resistance forces. No confirmed casualties have been reported so far but two ambulances were seen rushing into the station afterwards. The attack was coordinated by the joint forces of Civil Guerrilla Force – CGF HTY and Yangon Federal Army-YFA, as a part of Pyan Hlwar Aung Military Operation under the command of National Unity Government (NUG). CGF HTY force told Mizzima that they had planned to launch two grenades but had to improvise due to the immediate response from inside the compound following the initial firing. He added that all the resistance soldiers successfully retreated without injures and M 79 40mm Grenade Launcher was used in the operation.  

Another attack on junta’s police force occurred in Loikaw Town of Karenni (Kayah) State. Early morning around 3am today, three resistance forces such as JPDF-Rangers, KDF and GZ-21 ambushed the district police office near Loi Kaw’s prison. The attack which lasted for ten minutes saw at least two deaths from junta’s side and none from the resistance forces. And in Yangon, an explosion took place in front of Myanma Economic Bank No. (1) on Pansodan Road around 10:30am. A witness told Mizzima that the blast was very loud and junta’s forces arrived at the scene immediately, blocking the scene and conducting investigation. No casualty was reported and no one has claimed the responsibility either. 

More on junta’s losses, a woman named Aye Myat Moe was found dead with bullet wounds in Sanchaung Township of Yangon this afternoon around 2pm. The woman was known as a major dalan (military informant) and wife of a military captain. She was responsible for the arrests of nearly 50 youths that participated in street protests in Sanchaung; some of whom were even killed during interrogation. Similarly on yesterday morning, junta-appointed ward administrator Tin Hlaing from Pakokku Township of Magway Region was found dead with bullet wounds.

In Karen State, Karen National Union (KNU) released a directive towards civilians using Kawkareik-Myawaddy Asian Highway to follow four instructions such as to drive with cars’ windows down, to cooperate with inspections on roads by Karen Nationalities Liberation Army (KNLA), to avoid covering vehicles with clothing and to avoid transporting arms for junta. The directive was signed by KNU’s general secretary Pado Ta Do Moo. The underlying reason of the order was to control regime’s soldiers using private cars for traveling and transportation. 

Meanwhile near Lay Kay Kaw Town, junta’s lackeys were reportedly announcing on loudspeakers that internally displaced persons (IDPs) can now return to the area without any concern, and that they had to “conduct clearance operation because it was necessary to attack NUG and the so called people defense forces (PDF) and its affiliated armed groups” and now IDPs are most welcome to come back and stay as if nothing had happened and they will not be harmed in any way. We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry but we doubt anyone will buy this latest cheap propaganda of Min Aung Hlaing once again.  

Speaking of lies, State Administration Council (SAC)’s Battalion 289 in Paletwa Town of Chin State was seen hanging a white flag over its military station starting from December 23 until today. Paletwa is the border town of Chin State and Rakhine State where multiple battles had taken place between SAC’s forces and Arakan Army during 2020. Whether the white flag means a genuine peace, or a trick remains unknown, meanwhile two local people who talked to the media about the white flag in the first place have been abducted by regime soldiers yesterday. The victims are identified as Ko Tin Tun Aung, a health worker and Ko Tin Oo, an education staff. Both have been taken under custody in Myoma Police Station of Paletwa and not allowed to meet with family members yet. 

Also in Rakhine State, 33 out of 76 Muslims who were arrested last week in Taungup Township and charged for “traveling illegally” have been found guilty of Immigration acts and sentenced to one year in prison. The rest of the detainees are children so it is not certain how they will be tried or sentenced yet, according to Voice of America (VOA). 

The news came at a time when Min Aung Hlaing, the murderer in chief, is wanted for genocide case against Rohingya people which is currently being heard at the Argentina’s court. A directive circulating on the social media described that Htun Htun Oo, junta’s chief justice has instructed his lackeys not to accept the arrest warrant for Min Aung Hlaing via any delivery modes including DHL, as ordered by Min Aung Hlaing himself. Maybe “the chief justice” would need to inform his highness that at the end of the day, it will not be his choice whether to answer for his crimes or not.

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