What Women Supposedly Want from Men

We are human and we have feelings. Also, we live in groups so we can’t really avoid interactions between different each person, which later can develop into relationships. There are many relationships like best friends, friends you knew but never talked again, new friends that your best friends introduced, co-workers that you like and hang out with, or co-workers that you don’t like so you barely talk, and there are many more! But here, I’d like to talk about love. Yes, Love. Love is a very complicated emotion and it is hard to define the exact meaning of love. Actually, different people have different opinions about Love.

From many relationships, we hear men complaining that women hard to understand and I have no doubt about it. I know we are complicated. However, there are things women will love to get from their boyfriends or partners. Last week, I asked around my girl friends and get a generalized list.

  1. Communication

I know that everybody is struggling with their respective lives and it is harder to talk face to face. But, I would like to remind you that we are humans, not robots. And you have to talk with your girl face to face or at least on phone. Be a listener when she needs one or be an advisor when she needs guideline. Trust me! Many people break up just because they don’t really talk. Lack of communications can make small problems to biggest issues. A short phone conversation here and there will help you have a healthy relationship and most importantly, don’t forget to tell ‘I Love You’.

  1. Make her feel loved

Life is struggling, technology is more advanced and there are so many things to catch up in life which can make you forget to show your love for her. It mostly happens in long lasting relationships. You do love her but you forget to show her how much she matters to you after some time because you take her granted. Little surprises, gifts, quality time and giving her your absolute attention is important in a relationship. May be you will think these little details are not very crucial but we think otherwise. We’d love to receive gifts, cards or even a rose. Don’t misunderstand that we only love gifts. What we appreciate is your attentions and your thoughts while you were preparing those little details.

  1. Truth or Faith

Yes, you don’t read wrongly. Women love to hear the truth. Don’t lie. Explain your side of story so that we can try to understand. Reciprocally, demand us to always tell you the truth. Truth may hurt but lies can do more damage. So, try to tell truth so that your girl will have more faith in you. Believing each other unconditionally is an essential element in healthy relationship.

  1. Don’t be a control freak

Have you ever felt like being controlled? Do you like that feeling? If you are not, don’t expect her to like either. You can suggest you opinions and thoughts, but accepting those or not is up to her. Don’t make a decision for her. Don’t make her feel like she is caged or a useless person. She is a human and she are entitled to make her own decisions.

  1. Respect

Although this is the last, Respect is the most important thing in your relationship. Not only in love relationship, every relationship between boss or workers or friends, Respect is essential. Respect your woman. It is not enough to love your girlfriend; you also need to respect her. In this 21st century, she may make a decision which you don’t agree. If that is the case, talk with her. Find out what is her reason behind the decision. Even if you do not agree with her reason, you should try to make her understand your side of story. We not only want to be loved but also want to be respected.

So this is a list of stuffs that women “supposedly” want from men in relationships. I believe that if men understand what we want, we will have happier and healthier relationships. But again, at the end of the day, we are just doing fine on our own, without men.

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