64 Thoughts I Had While Watching UCL Final

by mohingamatters
  1. Support Real Madrid in the beginning
  2. Remembered a painful memory against Liverpool when they completed the epic comeback in the second half against my favorite team AC Milan to win the trophy in 2005.
  3. Would not want Liverpool to catch up against my favorite team AC Milan in the total number of UCL trophies by just running one trophy short if they win this final.
  4. Firmed on the decision to support Real Madrid with one condition: MOTM doesn’t have to be CR7, would love to see Asensio scoring the decisive goal.
  5. Not quite as hyped as last year’s final but my hindsight told me Juventus had no chance.
  6. Waiting for the lineup since 11 pm though pretty sure Asensio could not be in the starting lineup.
  7. Quite disappointed to see Benzema in the lineup. (disliked him for some unknown reasons)
  8. Saw the usual Liverpool lineup with MSF in the front and just realized that there would be one condition in which I would want Liverpool to win, that is, Solanke scoring the goal as a super sub.
  9. The game began, Liverpool threatening Real Madrid from different angles. Especially Salah causing tons of troubles to Real Madrid defenders.
  10. Watching with stupid MyanmarNet connection, and when Cr7 was threatening Liverpool goalkeeper, the internet connection abruptly stopped.
  11. Had to rely on Livescore for the update.
  12. Tried connecting with MyanmarNet for a while but gave up.
  13. Changed to MPT connection.
  14. When the broadcasting popped up again, saw Salah lying on the ground.
  15. Already expected that before the match with Real Madrid’s defenders playing very aggressively.
  16. No wonder it is Ramos. The Egpytian God went off field for a while to get medical treatment.
  17. Happy to see Salah came back to the field though he looks still in pain.
  18. Stupid MPT connection went off again.
  19. Just read news on Twitter and Livescore instead.
  20. Read that Salah finally had to be substituted. Felt heartbreaking for that.
  21. Just browsed through social networking sites and suddenly, the video started again.
  22. Quite disgusted to see Real dominating as soon as Salah is off.
  23. Saw Ronaldo header and Benzema scoring offside goal.
  24. Was glad that it was rule as offside.
  25. Unstable internet connection forced me to just go through the internet to read all curses to Ramos in Twitter.
  26. Read Carvajal got injured too but that news was not as trending as Salah going off.
  27. Half-time. 0 – 0.
  28. Seeing a video of Ramos doing foul on Salah. Seems quite intentional and I am fumed at Ramos more and more.
  29. Second half begins. Looks more entertaining.
  30. Then, unexpected thing, though I expected a bit, happened. The goal that I believed only happened in FIFA was scored.
  31. Yes, it’s that damn Liverpool goalkeeper Lord Karius.
  32. He could not believe it.
  33. So were Liverpool fans and fans all over the world.
  34. Error-prone GK made the stupidest mistake again.
  35. Not cool, bro. It’s not cool at all to make a silly mistake in UCL final game!!!
  36. Thinking it would be the end, but Sadio Mane equalized for Liverpool.
  37. Match became lively again.
  38. Saw Bale came in. He’s been in good form for the past few weeks.
  39. Could be a danger to Liverpool’s woeful defense.
  40. Just as I was thinking of Bale’s threat, he scored the goal that is similar to Mandzukic goal in last year’s Final, Ronaldo’s goal against Juventus in this year quarter-final, and long-time ago Rooney bicycle kick against Man City.
  41. This time, I wanted Liverpool to score another goal again.
  42. But seemed not very likely with Real Madrid attacking aggressively.
  43. All of a sudden, Bale struck again from a far distance.
  44. Not again, Karius.
  45. 3 – 1 to Real Madrid.
  46. Hoped for Istanbul Miracle for Liverpool surprisingly.
  47. The Liverpool team that I had not supported in the beginning of match became the team that I am now supporting. Irony, eh?
  48. As the minutes were ticking, so are Liverpool fans’ hopes.
  49. Getting thinner and thinner.
  50. Thennnnnn, Asensio came in.
  51. Would not want him to score any goals. Just painful for me to watch.
  52. Would not have wanted Solanke to come in and score the goals too. Just wished Salah is with this team.
  53. Final whistle blew.
  54. Not sure if it is just me feeling this way but do not see Real Madrid team celebrating hard.
  55. May be guilty of taking this trophy by injuring the star player of opponent?
  56. Could be but who knows.
  57. Camera focused towards the hero “Bale” and villain “Karius.”
  58. Usually felt sympathized for the mistake makers in football match but not him, Karius.
  59. His blunder cost Liverpool the trophy.
  60. Sympathy for Klopp. Lost to Bayern in UCL final (2013), Sevilla in the Europa league final (2016), now to Real Madrid again.
  61. Made me realize how quick a mood can swing within 90 minutes of the match.
  62. TLDR: Salah injured, Karius bad, Bale super-sub, Real undeserved champion.
  63. YNWA, Liverpool fans.

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