Ma Vs Khay

There has been an ongoing debate over the fan base of Ma vs. Khay in Myanmar for a while. So, let’s make an analysis on Ma and Khay to see who you should go for.


In terms of agreeableness, Ma is known to be more understanding and willing to fulfill wishes of her beloved Mg. It could be due to her maturity that she does not set much restriction for her love, and trust that Mg Lay won’t let her down. One trick for my fellow Mg Mg is to lean on Ma’s shoulder and compliments on her looks before seeking permissions from Ma. 99 out of 100 times, it works. 😀

  • Ma > Khay


On the other hand, Khay’s sweetness can attract Kwee (guy) whenever she talks. When Khay wants something from her Oppa, she might usually honey-coat her talk to convince him and her cheesiness actually works. Who could not have fallen in love with Khay’s persuasive voice and cute appearance?

  • Khay > Ma


Guy dating with Ma finds one quality in Ma Ma very attractive. That is, her gracefulness, also known as being “Nan-san” among Burmese community in Facebook. How could man not fall in love with Ma Ma when she wears Burmese traditional clothes with velvet slipper? Remember the lyrics of Htun Eaindra Bo “ခါးေလးလႈပ္ကာ လမ္းေလွ်ာက္သြားရင္ ေကာင္ေလးေတြ ၾကည့္မယ္၊ မ်က္လံုးေလးတစ္ဖက္ကို မွိတ္ျပလိုက္ရင္ တစ္ပံုၾကီး ပါလာမယ္ (When I move around my waist and walk, many guys will be staring at me. As I wink my eyes, it will attract many guys)?” This song accurately reflects about all those Ma Ma out there. Cheers.

  • Ma > Khay

Full of Energy

Khay is usually known to be active and energetic. She does not mind spending all day long with Ko Ko (older boyfriend). Want to try new foods at the restaurant? Feel like traveling to new tourist attractions? Or are you just feeling bored? Just call your Khay and she will accompany you for whole day. She never forgets to show her active gesture while you are hanging out with her too. Her smile may make you forget the reality for a while and let you two enjoy in the virtual reality where there will be just the two of you. How sweet it is, right?

  • Khay > Ma

Matured Beauty

I have heard that women reach the peak of their beauty around 28 years old. By beauty, it is not just about their physical appearance but they also become intellectually sexy by that age too. For immature Mg Lay, Ma Ma is not just his girlfriend but also a good mentor. Whether Mg Lay might have to make important decisions or is sometimes confused in his live, Ma will guide him to the correct path. In relationships, men do not always have to lead and sometimes, shouldn’t women be allowed to make decisions too? Trust me, Ma Ma won’t let you make bad decisions as she cares much about you in not making mistakes. Why? Because she loves you more than you might have ever thought.

  • Ma > Khay


Khays are usually known for being “A-phyu-htal (white).” They are usually quite young and still new to the complicated human’s nature. It is Kwees’ task to maintain their innocent nature and not allow external factors to color them. In contrast with Ma, Khay usually trusts and relies on their boyfriends when they are facing troubles. So, all Kwees out there, be the reliable ones that Khays expect you to be when they are in need of you. Innocent is a rare personality trait and thus, you guys should value these “A-phyu-htal” Khays in your lives.

  • Khay > Ma

Sacrificing Nature

Usually, when Ma is in a relationship with Mg, the community usually criticizes her for dating with younger guy. May Sweet’s hit song “Ma & Maung” will help you understand Ma’s challenges of dating with Mg. Regardless of what other people say, Ma doesn’t care other people’s opinions as long as she is in love with you. So, don’t play with Ma’s vulnerable heart. She has already sacrificed a lot for you.

  • Ma > Khay

Charming Personality

Many guys can’t resist the charm of Khays. They are usually very likeable and popular due to their delightful personality. Every action they do and every word they speak are powerful enough for convincing all Ko Kos out there to fall in love with them. That charismatic character of Khay can’t be easily explained but each of the Khay has her own unique charm. So, all bros out there, treasure your Khay’s charms.

  • Khay > Ma

Feel Factor

When dating with Ma, all Mg Mg can feel more in accordance with today’s hit song about Ma. The most famous song of all time for 90’s kids is “Ma Phyit Tint Tawt Tae (It shouldn’t have been).” Is there any other better lyric to feel about Ma than “ပိုင္ဆိုင္ခ်င္တာဆိုလို႕ ငါ့ကမၻာမွာ တစ္ျခားဘာမွမရိွဘူး တစ္ေယာက္ေသာသူ “မ” ပါကြာ (The only thing that I would like to have in this world is none other than you, Ma)?” There are other popular song tracks such as “Kyan Taw Nae Ma 2 (Me & Ma 2), Ma Ma Shi Nay Yat Myar (Days without Ma) and Ma Ma Chit Lo Ma Phyit (Impossible for Ma not to love).” Each song will let your imagination about Ma go wild and make you fall in love with Ma more and more.

  • Ma > Khay

Final Verdict: Who should you choose? Ma or Khay?

So, the question is whether you should date Ma or Khay. Well, it depends on the individual’s preference. For me, however, I personally prefer Ma to Khay. I remembered that I have read a novel about Ma written by Min Lu, သူ႕ဆံပင္ႏွင္းဆီပြင့္ေတြနဲ႕ (Her hair with rose petals) during my sophomore year in college and since then, I have become a-feel-ta-line (feel master) for Ma somehow. However, it is just my personal opinion and I believe each Kwee has his own preference for Ma and Khay, or maybe Ko Ko and Nyayy (younger guy). 😛  I also support any of these relationships. So, my fellow dudes, good luck in searching either Ma or Khay. And, all girls out there, may you friend-zone less to all nice guys out there. Amen.

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