Ordering Happiness Online

Pink has never been my color. 

But I feel happy when I see pink these days. And green sometimes. 

It means my Grande Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato has arrived. And it will make my day (both on Facebook and real life). #EnergyBoost #FinallyArrived #FreeDelivery #LongMayTheyReign  

Thanks to the recent rise up of so-called business startups of mega riches, ordering food has never been easier or cheaper. We are so grateful. In fact, ordering food online has been one of my favorite moments during work from home period. Slightly behind my mom’s traditional snacks during not so traditional breaks, of course. And this whole ordering food system has programmed me in a way that I feel thirsty when I see people in pink walking along the street minding their own businesses. 

But it’s okay. Because I am always 30 mins and 3 clicks away from my favorite food or drink. And guess what? 

Free delivery! 

I mean what have we done to deserve it? I feel like we are not even worthy sometimes. 

You want pizza instead of normal Burmese curry at home? You got it. Within 30 minutes. You are getting bored of cheap instant coffee at home and want to reward yourself for coping in the lockdown with freshly brewed signature americano? 30 Minutes or less.   

Come to think of it, ordering food system is not necessarily a new concept here. Many people have tried and failed to do the same thing in delivery industry for some time. And now the real deals have come along. Look around and you will notice how the local businesses have failed to catch up. It’s sad but when you try to thrive in the same market together with not one but at least two multimillion-dollar companies without the same tech, all you could do better is freaking legwork, after all. You are going to have to walk a lot faster. Good luck with that. 

In addition to those cool guys, there is another type of delivery people we have depended on so far; who are trishaw drivers we can call up and ask for purchase of food from nearby places. They respond fast and deliver quick generally but you know it’s not just the same. You don’t see cute little bikes moving on your phone screen or step by step constant updates of your food order. And it’s not the same excitement when the food arrives as well. Not to mention no “Free Delivery”. I wonder it would help if they wore pink.

Anyway, I, for one, believe when it comes to ordering happiness online, there is no greater feeling than having a franchised pizza delivered by an American start-up using Silicon Valley high-tech. Nothing could possibly go wrong. And even if something goes wrong, we can give a bad review. 

How great is that! 

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