Freedom Memoirs – Day 15

Mohinga Matters bringing to you Day 15 of the horrific military coup!
Last night, for the third time since the coup, Myanmar went dark. Internet access was completely cut off from 1:00 am-9:00 am- a rare moment a dictate has kept his promise. There were tanks and military trucks roaming around casually in the streets from 5:30 pm onwards. They announced on loudspeakers that this was a surveillance routine for our safety so we could sleep peacefully at night, it was a blunt lie and a lame trick even for Junta’s standard. That was also a reminder for all of us to stay awake. Thanks a lot.
Later in the night, we saw images and videos of intense military crackdown in Myitkyina, Kachin state, using water cannons, tear gas and actual gun shots. Tension began when police and soldiers surrounded government housings in an attempt to force staffs to go back to work the next morning. Many civilians rushed into the scene and protected the CDM members. Several civilians reported to be injured. With that scenario in mind, everybody stayed alert all night. However, no other news was reported in the morning except those suspicious-looking airplanes from Kumming, China and apparent theft of public funds by dictator- armed soldiers came and withdrew money from Myanmar Economic Banks around 6 am this morning.  
No matter how much fear the Junta tried to inject, Myanmar people are far from backing off. Stakes are too high already. So, when the night watchers have done their part, the day marchers continue. CDM was quite successful, every private bank was closed and only a handful of government offices was operational today. Given the fact that dictator & co are running wild with the guns, dropping by the banks and collecting money, it is probably best banks are closed until further notice.
Dozens of military trucks and armored personnel carriers were deployed near the Central Bank of Myanmar in Yangon to scare away the protesters from persuading the remaining handful employees at work. Crackdown seemed imminent but thankfully car drivers near the scene pretended to have their cars break down in the middle of the road so extra forces could not arrive in time. A similar scenario took place when the police and military tried to raid the NLD office in the late afternoon (yes, again), effectively locking 16 people in the building. Thousands of people flocked to the location and blocked the roads. Military personnel scratched their heads, let go of people in the building and requested their ways out.
While no violence has taken place in Yangon so far, protests in Mandalay today was broken up brutally. Both police and plain clothed individuals were seen shooting protesters with real bullets and in more than one scenario, even into onlookers’ homes. We believe it’s a friction of how cruel they will get as well as a sign of how effective CDM is. Let’s continue this mission, let’s continue peaceful protests, let’s continue CDM and let’s continue protecting CDM staffs, together.
Justice shall prevail. Upwards and Onwards.

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