Freedom Memoirs – Day 17

by mohingamatters

In the morning around 8 am today, automobiles of all sorts broke down at major junctions that connect downtown, bridges and outskirts of Yangon- effectively blocking roads to prevent civil servants from going to respective offices. Non-violent protests get only stronger each day with more and more creativity. The dictator and his kins were not prepared for this, we bet. 

In response to the military spokesperson who said during yesterday’s presser that there were about 40 million people that supported the military, many decided to come out to the streets to defy such delusional claim. There weren’t 40 million people in Sule or Hledan but the crowd was pretty big and nobody was paid 5,000 Kyats (Reliable stories reported that people in certain military rallies were paid 5,000 Kyats as daily participation fees). 

Celebrities and youth activists led the peaceful protest at Sule. You may find the drone footage of the sea of people chanting songs dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi and democracy. If the junta still thinks such movements will die down shortly, we hate to break it to them that our protests are not made in China like their ill-advised coup. In Hledan, another important rally area, images of security forces were shared on social media at noon and many worried that violence was imminent. Thankfully, things cooled down and everybody went home safely.

In the afternoon. a group of young protesters held a memorial service in front of Yangon’s High Court in honor of Mya Thwe Thwe Khine, the 19-year-old who was shot dead by the police last week. A moment of silence was shared among the youths to soak in the loss of unarmed young girl, the very first victim of the dictator & co. Kudos to the organizers for picking the perfect location for the short yet powerful event which took place right in front of the high court. We ask for justice. Where is the justice? 

On a bright side, the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) accelerates with more government departments joining in. More than 15,000 government staff members from 275 townships from 18 states/regions have joined the CDM movement so far according to With both CDM and peaceful protests going stronger each day, we strongly believe that we can and will take down the dictatorship for good this time. Thank you for fighting with us, fighting for us and staying on.

P.S: another internet outage between 1 am to 9 am is expected, a reminder to us that the dictator is violating our basic rights on daily basis

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