Freedom Memoirs – Day 24

Mohinga Matters signing in to report day 24 of illegal military coup.

This morning, we learned that Indonesia Foreign Minister cancelled her trip to Myanmar today for “it was not the ideal time to conduct a visit.” The relief we felt lasted only a couple of hours because the junta-appointed foreign minister flew to Bangkok to have a meeting with foreign ministers from Indonesia and Thailand later in the day. Whatever these three discussed will define the future of democracy in the region. 

Meanwhile, the original special envoy Myint Thu, who failed to represent the will of Myanmar people at the Human Rights Council, resigned from his position today. On the other hand, the new UN Special envoy Dr. Sasa, appointed by the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, has been giving interviews, regularly updating on his socials and encouraging Myanmar staffers in foreign diplomatic missions to join the CDM. Now is the time for Myanmar diplomats, who get salaries from the tax we pay, to decide where they will stand. Remember, some of your MOFA colleagues in Naypyidaw, the geographically closest place to the junta, take the risk and join CDM. 

Speaking of CDM, it is no news that the police have been trying to arrest civil servants who joined the CDM. But in smaller towns, the police have been using unnecessary forces such as breaking and entering the houses, even went on to destroy the gates and doors, only to find out that the persons they have been finding are in hiding. While in big cities like Yangon, CDM doctors from Yangon General Hospital officially reject the current hospital administration run by those who support the coup. It is a relief to know that the CRPH promises safe return for the CDM staffs to their existing positions (or possible promotion!) when the civilian government is restored. 

Nationwide peaceful protests are still going strong. Protesters show up in front of embassies of ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Indonesia. We hear there will be another massive rallies on February 28.

After being MIA since the coup, the NLD government’s spokesperson U Zaw Htay is appointed as the Director-General of the State Administration Council. This is not a surprise to many of us for we have seen him switching sides in the past two governments. Kudos to him for having managed to keep position whoever sits on the throne. 

Well, it’s been quite a day and we don’t know when our fight will end. Only hope and unity will keep us going. Until then, let’s all be hopeful and united.

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