Freedom Memoirs – Day 23

Day 23 following the epic 22222 movement is pretty quiet, so we have had time to recharge and regroup for upcoming battles. 

People who were detained yesterday during violent crackdown in Pyinmana, Naypyidaw got released today but not without charges. Five among those will be put on trial with charges that can’t be verified yet. Also, there are about 80 people who were brutally attacked and taken into custody by police in the same incident where 16 year old kid named Wai Yan Tun was killed by a headshot on the spot. We demand the immediate release of those people, some of whom were still bleeding from fresh wounds when they were abruptly put into police trucks. 

Midnight kidnapping have taken into another level in Myeik last night. Police and soldiers raided some houses to find CDM supporters and protest leaders but the ones they wanted already fled the scenes so they ended up taking the family members. That is absolutely disgraceful and it could even become a habit for all the police/military force across the country. They will hold harmless victims as ransoms until the ones they want come out to surrender. That sort of tactic is something you would expect from illegal armed groups, not the one who promises a democratic future.

Speaking of violence towards CDM members, we saw a news that fourteen government employees under general administrative department in Kayah state who joined CDM were temporarily released of their duties until no further notice. We would like to thank those people for their courage and resistance. And we believe they will be rightfully restored when elected government is back in power. 

Many organizations plus individuals continue to support every CDM members both financially and physically. However, it’s everyone’s responsibility to support every CDM member in every possible way. Having to hide in your own country in such fashion reminds us of “Schindler’s list” film but there is only one Schindler and we are so many. We will continue this fight and come out on top eventually.

On international front, there were some news last night that Indonesia was supporting the junta’s promise to hold an election in a year time and that did not sit well with most of us. Many showed their disappointments towards Indonesia’s government both online and offline so much so that an authority from the embassy had to come out and dismissed the news this afternoon. We also learnt that foreign minister of Indonesia is visiting Myanmar tomorrow as a very first foreign diplomat since the coup and while we are hopeful they have a strong message for the junta, we condemn legitimacy status the visit might provide to them.

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