Freedom Memoirs – Day 26

Despite all the forces being deployed in Tamwe last night and we feared for the worst, there were not many reports of violence or arrests in the morning. However, there were reports of stolen goods as we saw photo evidences of police and soldiers taking snacks & pratas that were prepared for volunteer night guards in some streets. Rumors about rations running out in the force might be actually true.

Crackdowns started earlier than usual today in Yangon. Police and soldiers used violent forces to break down groups near Hledan Center and in Myaynigone without any prior warning. Guns fired and smoke bombs used. Even people that were looking by the side got arrested. A video footage showed a young medical student who was with friends providing water bottles to the protesters was violently beaten and detained by at least eight policemen. Again, we witnessed the police’s raid of food and goods left behind by protesters on the roads.

As if they were made of steel, people broke up only for a few minutes following violence and they regrouped for another rally as soon as possible. Although there was no report of death by gun fires, multiple people got injured and arrested including a Japanese journalist who was released a couple of hours later. Brutal acts of police and soldiers were seen in Mandalay too. Pictures of kids who got hit by slingshots circulated online and we can confirm there is at least one man who was shot in the leg and in critical situation now.

In other news, military’s newly appointed UEC Chair Thein Soe held a meeting today with political parties and denounced 2020 election result. 53 parties that attended the meeting reportedly had no objection and irony is all 53 of them combined won only 3.3% of seats in the election. The list of all parties that met UEC today can be found here.

As instructed by CRPH, Monywa has successfully formed a self administrative committee, made up of MPs and prominent civilians. The committee will directly report to CRPH and coordinate with representatives of general public until our elected government is restored. Despite all the struggles, it’s really inspiring and empowering to see the brave people of Myanmar from every age group standing up against the dictator in a world full of people like representatives from above 53 political parties.

Last but not the least, we hear Dr Sasa will be attending a UN seminar tonight. And we are very hopeful that UN acknowledge him as Myanmar’s true voice as we are losing our votes in our own country.

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