Freedom Memoirs – Day 29

It’s been a month. February 2021 would stay in our memories forever. A month started with a coup ended with more than 20 fatalities in a single day. We will never forget nor forgive. Now onto March.

You might think people would hesitate to go out following a day like yesterday but Sanchaung, Myaynigone and Hledan areas were full of protesters who had clearly thought out a defense plan. Inspiring scenes when a group of young protesters took voluntary role of first line rescuers and protected fellow freedom-lovers from tear gas, rubber bullets and sound bombs with makeshift shields and at times their own bodies. As empowering as it looks, it’s important to not let such townships alone take the burden and everyone must help out by getting armed forces occupied in other locations as well. There were serious injuries reported but no fatalities confirmed as of writing this.

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had a virtual court hearing for the second time today and we learnt that she was hit with another two charges, one of which was under Myanmar colonial-era penal code prohibiting publishing information that may cause fear or alarm. She has also been charged in relation to a natural disaster law and an import and export act previously. According to her lawyer, she appeared to be “in good health” so it seems she has received overwhelming prayers and wishes from the whole country. She is being missed solely.

Following U Kyaw Moe Tun’s bravery during the UN General Assembly, we had hoped more diplomats would come out to defy the dictator but we have not heard from many. And we even saw an announcement from the junta that instructed multiple ambassadors overseas to report back in Naypyidaw. It seems the dictator is scared of losing more people who he thought would side with him and now he wants to keep all of them in his presence. It’s an illegitimate order from an illegitimate government for those who want to defy but it may be a home calling victory time for some that pledged loyalty to the junta. We will soon realize who’s who.

This afternoon, the State Administration Council (SAC) has been declared as a terrorist group by Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) and while we wholly agree with the terminology, we don’t realize the actual impacts of that action just yet. Meanwhile, sense of insecurity spread out day and night as our friends and families have been harassed everyday for protesting on the streets, participating and supporting CDM, banging pots and pans and for being non pro-coup basically. However, as much as there is fear in all of us, everyone is more scared of giving up and letting putschists win this round. With that in mind, we keep on going.

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