Freedom Memoirs – Day 35

Reporting from Day 35 of living under illegal Myanmar military coup. 

This morning, we woke up to a tragic news of the passing of U Khin Maung Latt, NLD Ward Chairman for Pabedan Township’s NLD Ward Chairman who was arrested last night by uniform terrorists. He was detained late last night during the hours when the evil came out to play. As of now, his cause of death hasn’t been confirmed but according to eyewitnesses, the uniform terrorists were reported to have used extreme violence during the arrest. He was another fallen hero in our revolution that was taken so soon.

Many gunshots/sound grenades were also heard by the residents in Lanmadaw, Pazundaung and Tamwe townships. The terrorists seemed to be cracking down harder using extreme violence during night time, in their ambush of the NLD and CDM members. Many night guards are also reported to be arrested in the past few days as well. 

You would think their borderline scare tactics in their raids and their violence would deter the people from going out and fighting for what’s rightly ours. Peaceful protests across many townships in Yangon, and many cities across Myanmar continued on as normal. Many youths of diverse ethnicities came out today to voice their desire for federal democracy. About a thousand of Myanmar citizens living in Thailand also came out this morning to protest against the military coup in front of the UN Office in Bangkok.

In Yangon, just as the people came out, terrorists in uniforms followed suit with their typical tactics – using sound grenades and tear gas as early as 9-10am to disperse the crowds or burning the barricades that protesters have set up. 

You know what’s worse? During the Bagan’s anti-coup protests this morning, live ammunitions were used by the uniformed terrorists to brutally crackdown on the unarmed protesters. Bagan is a sacred destination for many local people, not to mention a UNESCO world heritage site. Myanmar Now reported that five people were injured during the crackdown. From Yangon, another displays of disgusting behavior came from a video of soldiers kicking and beating two detained protesters so violently that one of the policemen had to interfere. At least 100 protesters, mostly female, have been detained at Shwepyitha Township today. 

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP Burma) reported that there are about 1758 people who were arrested, charged or sentenced between February 1 and March 6, and only about 318 were released so far, with 1440 still actively persecuted. Hundreds of students who were arrested on March 3 are still not released as of today as well. Let us remind everyone that these are innocent people who were participating in peaceful demonstrations since the coup happened and we demand the immediate release of each individual.

Today is also the final day that CRPH has announced for the civil servants to join the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). The Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw – CRPH released a statement this morning that only those who failed to participate in the Civil Disobedience Movement will be in violation of the Civil Service Law. 

As of writing this, certain groups of terrorist military have moved in the compounds of universities and hospitals in Yangon as if they are planning a strategic raid in the neighboring communities the next day. Local residents have been out front complaining and the dispute might last past the curfew. Meanwhile, CRPH nullifies the existing police force maintenance of discipline law because it discourages police from acting with the best interests of the general public.

And yet, we don’t know what is waiting for us tomorrow. We don’t know if the remaining civil servants will join the CDM before the deadline runs out. But tomorrow is another day, another fight, and if they think we will back down and bow down to them, they are dead wrong.

It’s also the International Women’s Day tomorrow, and we know women and every gender alike are coming out in unity to support the #HtameinResistance against the misogynist and patriarchal military men.

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