Freedom Memoirs – Day 34

When Dr Sa Sa officially requested Responsibility to Protect (R2P) to UN Security Council a couple of nights ago, most of us almost punched in the air in the celebratory mode as if drones and fighter aircrafts were about a few hours away of saving our beautiful land from putschists. Sadly it’s not how UN works. It will take multiple meetings, long discussions, millions of dollars plus a miracle for an intervention that we all are desperately hoping to take place. 

That’s why the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) has been cooking up a lot of different options. One of which was seen in their mission statement yesterday that included the abolishment of 2008 constitution and development of new one based on federal system. It’s a move widely welcome by ethnic citizens and armed groups due to their constant longing for federal union. 

On the same day, Brigade 5 of Karen National Union KNU issued a statement that showed their firm standing with the people of Myanmar and condemned the acts of the army. The statement also urged that people in urban areas, the ethnic armed organizations and international community must work together until the military dictatorship fails. Later a video meeting between Dr Sa Sa and prominent leaders of KNU was held. 

And today, Dr Sa Sa announced that he received and accepted a meeting request from the leaders of Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS). From non-expert perspective, things look set to form a new and official military made up of multiple armed groups in the country and fight back the terrorist army. Plus, it’s encouraging to know the CRPH and Dr Sa Sa have been talking and negotiating with many different stakeholders in the politics of our country while the terrorist army has desperately asked for legitimacy and got denied left and right. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the CRPH and Dr Sa Sa for all their efforts within this short period.

On the civilian power, social punishment game has worked very effectively and it has led to many affiliates of military families having to move out of schools and communities. While we don’t necessarily hate each individual, we believe it’s a necessary step towards ending the military’s privilege and promoting equality. 

Yesterday and today were less violent in street protests but another general strike has been scheduled for tomorrow and millions of people are expected out on the streets. Regardless of the potential UN’s intervention and cooperation of armed groups, we believe military won’t be hesitant for another cruel crackdown. Take care and we will see you out there.

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