Freedom Memoirs – Day 50

Before we went to sleep last night, we kept hearing devastating news from Aung Pin Lae ward, Mandalay because junta’s armed force couldn’t stop shooting until 10 pm. This morning, we learned that at least 6 people were killed in Mandalay yesterday, including a 15 year old boy. 

It seems that junta is determined to use extreme forces on Mandalay. Since 10 am today, terrorist army began its slaughter show with at least 300 armed thugs randomly shooting in Mya Yee Nandar housing, resulting in 3 deaths according to initial reports. Several residents in the housing also got beaten and abducted according to witnesses. 

Today marks 50th day since the illegal coup by the army chief Min Aung Hlaing. People are still staging creative anti-coup protests nationwide such as early morning protests, people-less campaigns, sticker campaigns, marching and pot-banging at night. We don’t see massive sea of people in Yangon anymore due to shooting and killing but the resistance forces are still seen here and there. Marching protests are seen in several smaller towns such as Bhamo, Hsipaw, Kyaukme, Khinoo, Yesagyo townships and many more. 

We also saw a few reports about terrorist forces getting attacked by unknown groups. An explosion blasted at a police housing in Lashio township, Shan State.  Yesterday, dead bodies of four soldiers were also found in Phekhone, Kayah State. Civilians from Kyaukpadaung Township confronted police forces the other day, leaving one soldier died. 

In other news, local people found out that Thai authorities were sending food supplies to the terrorist army via border area. Since the supplies went through the territory of Karen National Union (KNU), the ethnic armed group opposed any attempt of such supplies and warned that the consequences will be the responsibility of the perpetrators. This evening, a journalist posted a photo of rice bags left on a river bank. It looks like no one dares to collect them.

The BBC reporter who was arrested on March 19 was released today. In an interview, his wife said that serious interrogations were made day and night to find out whether the reporter had any contact with CRPH or CDM supporters via Facebook and Messenger chats. Another reporter from Mizzima news, who was also arrested on the same day, is still in the police custody, being interrogated. 

Protesters are planning Silent Strike on March 24, where all businesses and offices will be closed, no people or car on the streets. However, criticisms were made on social media because silence could be seen as submission to the junta. We are no stranger to such division among our people, especially netizens, but at the end of the day, we know that we have one common goal, which is to take down the coup leaders and their minions. 

We heard rumors about insurgency inside the army and we wish it was true. But we believe that it is only a matter of time to end the coup in one way or another. 

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