Freedom Memoirs – Day 53

Last night, after we had published our recap, there were reports spreading online of over 100 staff from supermarkets and convenience stores such as City Mart Holdings, Capital Hypermart, Sein Gay Har and Orange being detained at YCDC head office at the City Hall. When the news was confirmed by one of the freelance journalists, it was almost 10 pm, and they were still detained — the military junta basically held them for participating in ‘Silent Strike’ by closing the businesses for the day. The source from the inside said that the military junta asked them their trouble in opening stores, number of staff needed for daily operation, and personal details. The owners were also called for a meeting the next day.

As of this morning, it was reported that the staff were released. But the store owners who were called for a meeting were also held the whole day with no contact to the outside world, and in the evening they were released with the threat to not support the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) in any ways or else they would face serious actions from the military junta. It wasn’t just in Yangon that this happened. Representatives of big markets such as Zay Cho, Mann Myanmar Plaza and Yadanarpon from Mandalay were also called for a meeting this morning. 

This kind of unnecessary intimidation tactic that the military junta used to instill fear just basically showcases how terrified they are of the power of the people in unity. Thanks for giving us renewed motivation that everything that we all have been doing isn’t in vain. 

After the Silent Strike, many groups came out today for pre-dawn protests in Mandalay and Yangon, and there were photos of crowds of protesters in Dawei and Ye-U township in Shwebo, Sagaing Region. Every day under the evil military regime means there isn’t a day without a casualty. Thuwana neighborhood in Thingangyun township was heavily crackdown this afternoon with at least 2 people brutally shot in daylight and many homes broken into and people abducted. Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State, also got hit hard today with 4 people killed. 

We also saw photos of wifi cables being cut all across Thuwana today after the brutal crackdown. They are desperately trying to keep people in the dark as much as they can, but the truth shall always prevail. As of yesterday, the death toll is at 309, but these are just confirmed cases. With the mobile internet cut off and limited wifi access across Myanmar, we are sure there are many more casualties that are being lost in the dark, and we promise to uncover as much as we possibly can every single day.

Not just deaths, there are random abduction cases every single day too. They have been abducting opposition party members, prominent influencers, activists, protesters, CDM staffers, frontline defense teams, journalists, CRPH supporters, night guards, and anyone and everyone who they believed are in their ways. Today, an ambulance driver for a charity was abducted by the military after he transported a dead body. Four staff including an editor and a reporter from Kanbawza Tai News were also abducted last night in Ho Pone, Shan State. None of these people shall be forgotten!

With the Armed Forces Day looming in the background, there has been a sense of anticipation among the people as well as more vicious killing from the military thugs. The military is going to go out of their ways to show the world that everything is fine and dandy in the aftermaths of their rule. We saw photos of drone light show practice for the celebrations of Tatmadaw Day. But just as they desperately try to paint a fake picture, the more people are going to come together to expose their crimes. 

Every day is crucial and critical in this revolution, but the next few days, it’s important that we all need to stay united more than ever. We can’t afford anything to divide us right now. It’s crucial that we all remember there is only one common enemy for us right now, and it’s the military. Never forget that, and united, we shall conquer. 

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