Freedom Memoirs – Day 52

We reported yesterday that a seven year old girl named Khin Myo Chit was shot dead by terrorist military during a violent crackdown in Chan Mya Tharzi, Mandalay. Today we learn that her funeral had to be held  privately due to concerns of terrorists’ raid. Armed thugs have a habit of killing innocent people recklessly, confiscate dead bodies and straight up cover up cause of deaths. As such, families of fallen heroes have to move away or hide bodies even before they could properly mourn over their losses. When we eventually win, a nationwide memorial service must be held for each and everyone we have lost during this fight.

Despite a few doubters, the whole country successfully channeled quiet mode as million of people join “Silent Strike” today. Initially, it was divided among protesters until yesterday that “Silent Strike” would have little impact because such quiet movement would go unnoticed and play right into junta’s script. However, when military trucks went around the cities in the late evening and announced on speakers that people and business must go on as usual today, everyone reached to the complete agreement that we would stay home today. And so we did. Nothing unites Myanmar people like a common enemy.

As a response to the silent strike, junta played a rare non-violent card as nearly 700 people who had been detained since as early as 28 February were released from Insein prison today. Some of those including AP reporter were already facing charges previously before being told they were free to go home. While the news came as a surprise, nobody thought for one second that it was a nice gesture from the coup leaders. A prominent NLD member put it nicely “No reason to be grateful for releasing those who shouldn’t be arrested in the first place”. And many civilians, activists, politicians and journalists are still in custody. They too must be released immediately.

While it was trying hard to paint a forgiving government look by releasing peaceful protesters, terrorist military has been extra-aggressive in raiding and arresting NLD members, CDM staffers and defense forces of protests. One NLD member has been taken for questioning from his home in South Dagon and two CDM professors from University of Medicine have been detained as well. We also saw reports of arrest of 14 young protesters from defense teams in Yankin and capture of improvised weapons in Thaketa. And videos circulated online where armed thugs warned residents against keeping improvised weapons at homes and they would take severe actions if they found any. First they want to remove street barriers, then night guards, now homemade defensive tools. It seems a fair fight was never an option and for a heavily equipped army, it’s rather cowardly.

In the other news, more pressure grows on CDM staffers, especially in banking sector as we see reports today that Central Bank will charge penalty to banks that have failed to reopen and take action against bank employees who have refused to return to work. In the light of such news, we understand the tremendous sacrifices each and every one of CDM staffers have endured and we must stand together for all these people on daily basis.

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