Freedom Memoirs – Day 57

A couple of days ago, we heard reports on the use of hand grenades during crackdowns but the armed thugs tried to cover up by saying they were defusing what they had captured from the protesters. The same thugs no longer care about maintaining their image anymore. Yesterday and today, we saw graphic evidences during crackdown of South Dagon that terrorists visibly started using RPG-like heavy weapons and grenades. While no one is safe from violent acts of military, townships such as South Dagon, North Dagon and Thaketa have had the worst possible treatment as terrorists seem to be trying to justify the martial law imposed on such areas. Two people were reportedly killed in South Dagon last night and thugs used dead bodies as baits in luring and shooting more people while Thaketa residents also heard gunshots throughout the night.

Violent crackdowns and deaths continued last night and today in townships such as Myingyan, Kalay, Taunggyi, Kawthoung, Pathein, South Dagon and Thaketa. A CDM staffer from the parliament was shot dead during violent crackdown last night in Pathein while a traveling hi-jet vehicle was attacked the same night in Myingyan – one passenger died and several injured. We also learnt that a funeral for a fallen hero called Wai Yan Moe was held in Taunggyi but the attendees were attacked and shot by armed thugs possibly out of jealousy that theirs will not be attended by many.

And today, twelve people died in South Dagon alone, one in Thanlyin and one in Thaketa. It is one thing to lose people during this unfair fight and it is another to lose count of death list. Media and local associations have been working tirelessly to collect data and report but it has been rather challenging due to the constant killings, non-stop abductions and disposals of corpses by the terrorists.

An elected NLD member named U Maung Maung Swe and his wife Daw Khin Su Hlaing were reportedly abducted in Pyin Oo Lwin last night. Warrants issued for the couple since March 14 due to their pro-CDM activities. Daw Khin Su Hlaing herself is a director in Ministry of Ethnic Affairs who is on CDM currently. We also heard reports that two more journalists were harmed and held in custody by terrorists in Myitkyina, Kachin State. Ko La Yaw from Kachinwaves and Ma Chan Bu from the 74 Media were shot with rubber bullets before taken for questioning while reporting on protest crackdown this morning. We demand immediate release of these journalists along with everyone who has been detained since the attempted coup.

Airstrikes of terrorists have also continued until late last night. Although no fatality was reported, we heard three air attacks already displaced over 10,000 civilians from seven villages in Mu Traw Distrit under KNU Brigade 5. Karen Women’s Organization reported that a minimum of 3,000 people had fled to Thailand to refuge. It seems everyone in the country is a victim of terrorists at this moment and the only slight positive thing under this circumstance is people from urban seem to be able to empathise with those from ethnic areas who have suffered civil war for a large period of their lives.

Possibly in relation to airstrikes in KNU area, two members of CRPH posted a picture sign of “Warning, No-fly zone” on Facebook with no caption this morning. Whether it’s a hint that no-fly zone will be enforced or it’s just another random social media post of another CRPH member is yet to see. Meanwhile, over 8 million have been raised for CRPH’s mission that is still 12 mil shy of the monthly goal. We also hear that the GoFundMe site has now been blocked by junta and only those with foreign bank accounts will be able to donate. Regardless, seeing the innocent civilians and EAOs getting bullied everyday by the excessive use of weapons purchased with taxpayers’ money by terrorist forces has infuriated people and they will manage to arm the federal army in any case.

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