Freedom Memoirs – Day 66

We reported a couple of times previously about the brave people of Tahan (Kalay) from Sagaing region who has set up protest camps and fought back junta’s forces with improvised firearms. This morning as early as 5 am, hundreds of terrorists ambushed the camp and dispersed protesters by using artillery shells and hand grenades which killed eight people from defense team and three civilians living close-by according to RFA Burmese. The same location was attacked by armed thugs ten days ago but the attempt was unsuccessful when nearby villagers managed to help out and block the roads. Today’s attack was strategically carried out as protesters were cornered and did not have time to defend effectively. At least twenty people were injured and many abducted during the crackdown.

And despite such violent crackdown, people of Kalay still rallied across the town and defied the dictatorship. So did people from Myitkyina, Hpakant, Wan Twin, Meikhtila, Mandalay, Mawlamyine, Thazi, Sagaing, Mogok, Mogaung, Taze, Tedim, Paung, Monying, Shwebo, Ye-U, Daik-U as protests across the country continued today in many forms. Taze from Sagaing region has tens of thousands of protesters everyday including monks, and we learnt today that terrorists had dispersed the crowd violently for the first time and killed one person so far.

Morning news reported that two people were shot and killed by armed thugs during a random raid in Kyaukkyisu, Bago region and one of those dead bodies was not returned to the family. We have seen the same pattern again and again – killing innocent civilians and destroying dead bodies despite multiple eyewitnesses. The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing said during his briefing yesterday that only rubber bullets have been used by his forces so far and while everyone knows it is not the case, it could be why the thugs try to steal and destroy the dead bodies before people could take graphic proofs as if they had not killed over 500 people and randomly fired live rounds in broad daylight.

And speaking of proofs, the CRPH announced that they have collected 180,000 items of evidences on terrorists’ violence towards people of Myanmar and they will take it up with the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) during their meeting later today. If such a large volume of solid cases is not sufficient, 52 million people will also be willing to appear in court if that helps to convict the coup leaders.

The junta announced this evening that they arrested a civilian for firing at American Center back in March 30, and the ‘culprit’ turned out to be the owner of Shwe Pu Zun according to netizens. It’s very likely to be another case where terrorists have framed someone else for their own crimes. News circulated online that five explosions took place in Yangon earlier today, one of which was in Myanmar Plaza, a popular shopping mall, but no casualties reported so far. We believe the military owned Myawaddy channel will broadcast sometime soon that these explosions were also carried out by another innocent civilian.

In the other news, CDM staffers across the country have been put under enormous pressure by the junta as staffers from Workers’ Hospital of Yangon and Thayet District hospital were forced to give up their housing and move away on less than 24-hour notice. We also learnt that terrorists raided into wards of South Dagon and abducted at least 100 people without stating any reasons. It may not be too surprising if one of those abducted today would be framed for those explosions earlier.

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