Freedom Memoirs – Day 88

We woke up to more explosive news this morning. Around 3am today, military airbase in Magway region was attacked with a missile, killing six terrorists and injuring at least ten in the process according to an article in Myanmar Now. Shortly after the incident, junta forces were deployed in various locations in the city to inspect civilians. As it was early in the morning, many of those on the roads were street vendors who were on their way to their businesses. We heard at least one person was taken in custody for possessing a meat cleaver knife. Arresting a street vendor for bringing a knife to his work during an investigation of a missile attack sounded silly yet we have heard of more ridiculous acts of military before, like staging a coup for one.

Another airbase in Meiktila was also attacked with five consecutive explosives this morning although no casualties have been reported. Many speculate that sudden targets on airbase might be because terrorist military rely highly on airstrikes in attacking armed forces, especially Karen National Union (KNU) and Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which have displaced tens of thousands of innocent civilians in both territories.

As recent as yesterday around 5pm, there were two airstrikes on KNU’s region; one from Ei Htu Ha and the other up Ei Htu Hta, forcing 300 people to flee to Thailand. Similarly, junta’s forces used aerial bombs at least three times yesterday on villages near the town of Mongmit, where they have intensified fights against KIA. Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) in Mongmit has now taken in up to 700 refugees from nearby villages and Buddhist monasteries have also provided accommodation to nearly 1000 people. Another 3,000 people under the same fate have had to move in with friends and families due to the continuous warfare.

Another explosion occurred in Yangon this morning around 6am, this time inside an administrative office in Hlaingthaya township with one person reportedly injured at the scene. Auk Kwin village in Pyapon, Ayawaddy Region, also saw its administrative office burned down yesterday morning. Angered by the incident, junta’s forces put on a shooting spree in the village at midnight and arrested six men and one woman. One of the victims named U San Paw reportedly passed away this morning with bullet wounds and the rest were taken for investigation according to Mizzima News.

Of all the bomb attacks in April, most had taken place in administrative offices across the country. As it’s a key department for asserting authority on ground, junta has put in extreme effort appointing its puppets in administrative branches countrywide. People have also resisted consistently by initially locking the office doors, shaming the newly appointed persons and now the resistance has reached another level, burning or bombing the offices. It’s probably the only strategy that has worked so far in preventing the crooked system from running.

On Tuesday, Central Bank of Myanmar said in a statement that people will be allowed to open new accounts at May 3 and unlimited cash withdrawal will be allowed to those with new accounts. However, limits on existing bank accounts will remain in place. People were baffled with the statement and wondered what junta has been cooking up again. Netizens came to the rescue shortly, speculating that it could be a trick to access public’s money as the military has virtually run out of funds.

In the meantime, hundreds of people get up every day as early as 3am, challenging the curfew to queue up for tokens in order to receive banking services. Today in Mawlamyine, a long queue in front KBZ bank got a little messy, a terrorist solider on security duty even shot fires in the sky to discipline the bank customers. There is nothing wrong with people who want to withdraw their own money, if the junta’s forces cannot stand the sight of some people having more money than them, they should encourage the banks to join CDM and remain closed.

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