Freedom Memoirs – Day 87

Everyday, we are amazed to see the ongoing protests all over the country. Anti-coup marching strikes, motorbike rallies, protests to education boycott under the military regime, and support rallies for the National Unity Government also took place across the country. These protests clearly indicate that the public is still rejecting the coup staged three months ago. As usual, junta’s forces answered the overwhelming public rallies with violence. Today in Mandalay, terrorist soldiers tried to crack down two marching protests, and at least six students from Yadanabon University were arrested at the incident. 

Last night in Tedim, Chin State, 22-year-old Thang Muan Lian was on his way to a local gas station for night duty, but then he heard two explosions so sped up his bike. Unfortunately, junta’s forces saw him and shot him dead, and took his body to the hospital. His family only found out the devastating news in the morning. If you follow our news, this tragic fashion of waking up to dead bodies of loved ones is not news. In Mindat, another part of Chin State, negation was made between Chinland Defense Force (CDF) and Myanmar military, resulting in exchange of seven civilians who were abducted and 20 soldiers who were trapped outside the small town. The clash between CDF and Myanmar military lasted four days, and almost 30 soldiers died from Myanmar military side. As a part of the negation, terrorist army now withdrew its troops from Mindat. The rest of the country was in awe of the unity and strength of Mindat residents and CDF.

Around 11am this morning, an explosion blasted at Hpawkan ward administration office in Insein Township, Yangon. And, another explosion blasted at South Okkalar Township Police Station in the afternoon. Mizzima News reported that a number of policemen were injured from the explosion. Hence, the State Administration Council (SAC) announced that motorbike riding will be strictly monitored and taken actions due to frequent explosions in Yangon region. In Phekon, Kayah State, three plain-clothed men entered the residence of Ward Administrator U Tun Paw and opened fire. U Tun Paw was injured but his nephew was shot dead. At Three Pagodas Pass in Myanmar-Thai Border, fighting broke out between junta’s military and an unknown armed group around 8am this morning and the shootout lasted at least an hour. We are getting used to the news of explosions and shootout everyday. 

Peace Process Steering Team (PPST), comprised of 10 signatories of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), decided that it would discuss with non-NCA-signatory ethnic armed groups to form a strong ethnic coalition armed force at its meeting. PPST plans to hold discussions with non-NCA-signatories: Kachin Independence Army (KIA) which is already in fighting with Myanmar military, United Wa State Army (UWSA), Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) from Kokang, Arakan Army (AA) and Karenni Army (KNPP). We look forward to a united front among the ethnic armed groups. 

Day 87 since the coup, and Myanmar people haven’t given up on their fight for democracy. The resilience of individuals, communities and the nation will bring victory for us. Let as all stay strong.

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