Freedom Memoirs – Day 97

Another day under the military terrorists is another day with reports of bomb blasts, civil wars and innocent civilians fleeing for their lives. But it is also another day with varying forms of protests, and efforts from the people to resist against the disgusting power-hungry military men. 

It’s almost 100 days now, but people of Myanmar continue to show each other that we are determined to win. Nationwide protests continue on with people from across the country staging early dawn protests to students continuing to boycott the education system under the military rule. In Dawei today, CDM engineers and CDM education staff came out early for a candlelight protest, and then Shwe Wei General Strike, a coalition of the student union and LGBT community of Dawei marched proudly through the streets. On the other side of the country in the northernmost, protesters marched through Myitkyina to show their support for the formation of the People’s Defence Force and parents, teachers and students of Gangaw Taung village in Shweku township of Kachin took to the streets to protest against the military. Students across the nation continued to protest against the forceful reopening of the schools saying that they do not want an education administered by the military and policed by the uniformed terrorists. 

This morning, four bombs went off in downtown Yangon and another bomb exploded at the military intelligence office in Shweku township in Kachin before the sun even showed up. Violence has become a staple in our everyday’s lives now, and whoever is responsible for those explosions, we are only going to blame all of this heightened violence on the power-hungry Min Aung Hlaing and his associates. We will continue to curse on them, their families and anyone linked to them for taking away millions of bright futures, and throwing the entire country into chaos. 

Speaking of chaos caused by the Myanmar military, there were reports of military terrorists firing into the homes in some of the villages of Kani township, and looting and destroying the homes of villagers in Pauk Pin village in Sagaing Region. As the military continues to take out their frustrations on the people, defense forces and ethnic arms organizations will also continue to put more pressure on them. There are also rumors of the terrorists using chemical bombs in Kachin State where they are fighting against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). This morning KIA is reported to have destroyed a military supply convoy carrying jet fuel. The fuel truck was heading for an airbase in Myitkyina from the Chinese-Myanmar border when the KIA shot the driver dead in Mat Kyut village. Chinland Defense Force (CDF) also took over a military outpost in Hakha this morning and burned it down, resulting in many of the soldiers fleeing during the attack. 

With the civil wars raging in most parts of Myanmar, a group of defected military captains and officers have also formed Zero Army to train recruits for the People’s Defense Force/Federal Army. The concept of Zero Army is that the name and seal have no hidden meaning because there is none behind the movement. They are fighting for what’s right and the truth only. Major Hein Thaw Oo, who defected from 99 Light Infantry Division also spoke to Radio Free Asia Burmese that they are training youths in one of the border areas starting from today on basic combat skills, battle strategy and humanitarian principles. 

Yesterday, we reported that over 4,000 education personnel were fired for not coming back to work when the military forcibly reopened the universities and colleges. Today, over 460 professors and lectures from Yadanarbon University and over 420 educators from Yangon Technological University were dismissed. It’s almost 5,000 education personnel that have fired so far, and we really wonder how they expect to continue opening the schools with no teachers and essentially no students as well. But of course, the state media, MRTV continued to run propaganda public service announcements on the TV ignorantly referencing this issue with the messages: “Dare to open or dare to close, who is braver? I will answer my own question. Those who dare to open are braver. You can either go to school or beg on the streets… the answer is that simple.”

In welcoming news, Vice President Duwa Lachi addressed the public this evening with a message that the National Unity Government (NUG) will not consider negotiations with the terrorist military regime unless the public desire reflects such conditions. During the 13-minute speech, the VP thanked the brave comrades who are arbitrarily detained, and their families for the sacrifice they are making for our freedom, our democracy and our future, and he promised to do everything in their power and more to ensure their release and vindicate their innocence. The VP also thanked the Gen Z for paving the way for the future of Myanmar with their bravery and inspiring talent and creativity. To quote him, “I see your courage. I hear your voice. I feel encouraged by your courage and inspired by your talent. I will walk towards the future with you.”

For Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), he thanked all of the civil servants who are participating in the CDM for faithfully serving Myanmar and refusing to submit to the pressures of the military dictatorship. He explained that the military may have taken power in Naypyidaw, but because of the efforts of our CDM participants, the terrorist council has yet to fully exercise that power over the rest of the country. He said, “Thank you for your bravery and tenacity. The sacrifices that you have made. The loss of income, career, and the lost time with your loved ones as you have to run and hide, and even named in warrants list. People recognize and appreciate what you have done for us. You are respected by all of the people in the country for refusing to be the servants of the evil terrorist, and remained true to the noble mission of your profession — to serve the people.”

The VP speech came at the right time when many civil servants are starting to feel the pressure of not having work in three months, and also the cash flow problem of the people who have been supporting the CDM participants. His words remind us again why we are all doing all of this for, and like he said, CDM civil servants and everyone who are doing everything in their capacity to help the CDM to continue on, they are all the backbone of the future structure of the new Myanmar that we are all building and heading towards. 

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