Freedom Memoirs – Day 102

Remember how we all were inspired by Mindat town in Chin State and its people for fighting back the junta’s forces at the end of April? Last night, fighting broke out between Chinland Defense Force (CDF) and junta’s forces again since the ten-day negotiation was failed. Fighting continued today as the military sent more troops to Mindat but they were attacked on the way. Junta’s army also used heavy artillery such as rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and large ranged howitzer according to the locals. Due to the disproportion forces, at least five people from Mindat defense force were injured as of this evening. Now the CDF Mindat has called for help from other townships, and following that, CDF from nearby Kanpatlat township made an emergency announcement to request the public to stay at home and not to travel to nearby townships. The fight is expected to escalate tonight.

Last night, we reported about Talokmyo village in Sagaing Region where the people defended junta’s forces but many arrested due to the excessive force by junta. Today, Zin Ko Tun, one of the young men abducted, passed away at interrogation center. We have heard similar stories before. One day they arrest and the next day, they return the dead body. It has become a vicious cycle. 

More combat news comes from Sagaing Region. Around 4am today, about 300 junta’s soldiers raided Mae Thel Kyo village in Chaung-U township where young resistance fighters camped out. Due to the indiscriminate shooting by the soldiers, the entire villagers had to flee to a safe place. Young fighters tried to defend with makeshift weapons but retreated after 30-minute-long shootout due to incomparable weapons and forces, and one young fighter was arrested by the soldiers. Raiding, looting and destroying come naturally with junta’s forces these days. Terrorist soldiers burned down houses and motorbikes in the village, seized dozens of traditional guns and other makeshift weapons prepared by the resistance fighters, and stole food supplies provided by the villagers. Local netizens discussed that junta’s forces figured out the hideout due to an informant. No wonder we frequently hear the news of explosions near the houses of informants these days.

Speaking of explosions, the sounds of blasting have become an everyday ritual for us now. This morning around 5am in Yangon’s South Dagon township, two explosions blasted at the house of Ward 24 administrator U Aung Lwin. Nearby cars were damaged due to the explosions. Another bomb also exploded in Sanchaung township around 8am, but no injuries or damage were reported. Six explosions occurred in Sagaing Region today — three in Sagaing township, two in Myaung township and one in Myinmu township. These explosions took place mostly at government buildings such as government bank, Road Transportation Administration Department office, Social Security Board office and police stations. One bank staff was injured due to the explosion at Myanmar Economic Bank but no injury/damage reported from other incidents. 

Two NLD parliamentary candidates Daw Ni Ni May Myint and Daw Chit Chit Chaw were arrested by the regime’s forces last night in Yangon. Initially in hiding, they were arrested when they briefly returned to visit family three days ago. This was their second abduction in less than a year. Daw Ni Ni May Myint and Daw Chit Chit Chaw entered the 2020 General Election, competing in Taungup township, Rakhine State for lower house and upper house respectively. On October 14, 2020, Arakan Army (AA) abducted the pair and another colleague while they were campaigning at nearby villages in their constituency. The abduction lasted 79 days so the three candidates missed their chance to enter the election. They were only released on January 1, 2021 but once again, Daw Ni Ni May Myint and Daw Chit Chit Chaw are now detained by far worse armed thugs. 

Regardless of the regime’s oppressive rules and ridiculous directives, Myanmar people across the country are still striking against the military coup, showing support to the National Unity Government, and refusing to go back to work or schools opened by the junta. If the victory is determined by perseverance, we have won halfway. And we will eventually win. 

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