Freedom Memoirs – Day 107

Explosions, shootings, deaths and oppression continues, and the protests and other resistances continue. Today morning started with two explosions in Lanmadaw township where three policemen were injured, the ward administrator of same township who had repeatedly facilitated the arrest of peaceful demonstrators was also found death with a gunshot. As days grow, other explosions were reported across the country, mostly notably in the Yangon’s townships of Shwepyitha and Tamwe, and in the town of Sagaing, no major injuries were reported.

A fire broke out at a school in South Dagon Township and the police had arrested nine CDM teachers as arsonists according to the locals. The non-CDM headmistress reported them as culprits despite presenting no evidence. Under military administration, evidences do not matter. Eight university students were arrested in Mawlamyine at their common residence last night, as well. Their current status or their potential charges are still unknown.

Protests continues in cities, towns and villages of Yangon, Mandalay, Pakokku, Dawei, Kalay, Ayartaw, Mattaya, Nyaung-U, Depayin, Nankham, Monywa,  Mawlamyine, Paung, Kanbauk, Muse, Tase, Seikkphyu, Kyaukme, Hopin, Chaung-U, Kyunhla, Pale, Hpakant, Thayetchaung, Sarlingyi, Magwe and many more. Monks in Mandalay also staged a prayer strike today, praying for the peace of the people while showing peaceful resistance to junta.

Speaking of Mandalay, the most iconic music band in the country and the Pride of Mandalay, Myoma Musical Troupe is drawing widespread and near-universal public condemnation after performing at a gala organized by Mandalay Region State Administration Council, and attended by General Min Aung Hlaing himself. While some argue the exertion of power and intimidation by SAC, there is no doubt that the reputation of the musical troupe founded in 1925 had vanished overnight.

Now to the ongoing siege in Mindat. MinDat People’s Administration News Committee reports that junta’s forces are using even stronger caliber artilleries to bombard the town. More alarmingly, the regime has cut off the town’s water supply. Since Mindat is located in a mountain and at almost five thousand feet above sea-level, digging up ground water is impossible and the town’s drinking water could be depleted in 2 days at this rate. The humanitarian disaster at Mindat grows larger and larger unless aid could be delivered effectively. This evening, National Unity Government’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Dr Win Myat Aye announced that aids were being provided via local networks.

Mansi Township in Kachin State has also experienced increasing airstrikes and artillery strikes from junta’s forces in their battle against Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

While the junta’s soldiers are busy killing and looting, its other apparatus, junta-appointed the Union Election Commission has been busy to rig future election in the army’s favor. A meeting with all political parties was invited on 21st May by the UEC, although no self-respecting democratic party attended their previous meetings. Today saw Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) declining the invitation. However, conflicting reports come out from People’s Party, a political party founded by a 88-Generation Student Leader U Ko Ko Gyi, with some hints coming out that they are interested. Meanwhile, yet another observer group, the Asian Network for Free Elections, yesterday claimed that Myanmar General Election 2020 was “by and large, representative of the will of the people of Myanmar”, another solid evidence that proves the alleged “election fraud” that had caused the military coup is groundless.

At the international stage, the UN General Assembly to stop arms supply to Myanmar was postponed, although, further sanctions were announced by the US, UK and Canadian governments targeting the junta, top generals, individuals and entities tied to the army and Myanmar Gems Enterprise. Luckily, we weren’t holding our breath for that assembly, or any UN related discussions.

One thought on “Freedom Memoirs – Day 107

  1. Those of us in the U.S. who love Myanmar and her people are praying for God to intervene and protect the people. We stand with you!


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