Freedom Memoirs – Day 127

Last night in Magway, six young men were beaten up and abducted by junta’s soldiers. The victims were later identified as university students. In Pwint Phyu township, a car on the highway road was stopped by the soldiers, when it did not stop on their signal, the soldiers opened fire at the car, beating up two persons on board. They are now admitted to Pwint Pyu hospital with severe injuries. Around 9pm in Pyigyi Takhon township of Mandalay, the military truck rammed into two motorbike riders on purpose, killing them instantly. In Kayin State, locals reported that the junta’s forces destroyed Martyr’s Mausoleums in Hpa-an, Myawaddy, Kyar In Seik Gyi and Kawkareik townships.

Now onto the conflict news. Following up the situation in Sagaing Region’s Yinmabin township, five soldiers have been arrested by the local PDF, and the military is yet to contact the PDF for release. In another part of Sagaing Region, Kani People Defense Force (Kani PDF) confronted the junta’s forces this morning, killing at least four soldiers. Two hours drive away from Kani, Pale township also saw a clash broke out between local PDF and the military. After having a heated argument between a teacher and young men from Kyi Pin village last night, the teacher informed the soldiers to arrest the young men. The fighting took place around 1pm today, resulting in two severely injured policemen and no injury from the people’s force. 

Yesterday, we reported that Myanmar military deployed three separate troops to a village near Mindat where civilians were taking refuge, and Chinland Defense Force – Mindat (Mindat CDF) defended the village. Today, Mindat Civilian Administration reported that about 50 soldiers from junta’s force were killed, and many injured while three from Mindat CDF were also killed and about 20 injured. It is reported that junta’s forces used heavy artillery shelling and two airstrikes during the fight. The use of chemical weapon were also found according to Mindat Civilian Administration. Today, Chinland Defense Force (CDF) posted photo evidences of heavy artillery and weaponry used by Myanmar military during the fight near Hakha township yesterday.

Kokang’s Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) announced that clashes broke out between the junta’s forces and MNDAA in Kutkai township of Northern Shan State on June 5 and 6, killing nine soldiers from the Light Infantry Division 99. The military also failed to collect the dead bodies of its soldiers according to the photo evidence shared by the MNDAA. 

In Kayah (Karenni) State, junta’s forces continued to destroy the residential areas in Mobye township for the second day. Heavy artillery attacks, and arson attacks were launched at civilians’ houses. Houses were also raided and looted by the junta’s soldiers. 

Today marks the civilian leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s second court hearing in person, and she was allowed to talk to hear legal team for 30 minutes before the hearing. According to her lawyer Daw Min Min Soe, the ousted leader requested her lawyers to provide food supplies and medications every fortnight for people who have been detained with her. The junta had offered to provide for them, but Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had refused, and requested her legal team for help instead. Through her lawyer, she passed the message to Myanmar people to stay healthy. Regarding the legal matters, the court decided that it would finish the hearing and come to a verdict within 180 days. It means the case would be finalized by the end of July since the first court hearing was held back in February. However, everyone already knows the verdict: longer imprisonment for the civilian leaders, and eradication of the NLD from the country’s political scene. We need a new script!

Following the same old script, junta plans to stir up racial/religious conflicts among the public. On June 6, the junta’s propagandised newspaper published that a Buddhist monk from Chin State was killed in Mindat by the local armed group. However, it turns out that the monk is very much alive and the news is proved to be faked. Many netizens warn one another to avoid any possible conflict stirred up by the evil military. 

Good news is DVB media’s journalists who were detained in Thailand are now safely in a third country, according to the press statement by DVB. It was only a week or so when a court in Thailand sentenced these journalists for seven months imprisonment, but the statement said that the sentence was suspended for a year. Although the third country is not named in the statement, we are glad that the reporters are safe and hope they continue to their journalistic works. 

In his interview with China’s Phoenix TV, the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing said that he didn’t expect this much of rejection and resistance from the people. Well, he should know the reality by now because five months since the failed coup, people from all over the country haven’t stopped marching and protesting against the military regardless of brutal crackdowns, arrests, tortures and killings by his minions. Today, marching strikes and guerrilla protests were organized from Kachin State in north to Taninthayi Region in south whether it’s hail, rain or in sunshine.

Today, several regions in Myanmar experienced massive downpour and thunderstorm since we are now officially in monsoon. Even some parts of Yangon saw floods due to long hours of raining. With thousands of civilians are displaced from their homes due to the ongoing clashes, the rain will only worsen their living situations, and it is announced that more torrential rain is forecast in the next 24 hours. Let’s continue to provide for those in the woods.

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