Freedom Memoirs – Day 131

In previous days, we have reported the third wave of Covid-19 with increasing positive cases in Myanmar. Today on our social media, photographs of “quarantine center” prepared by the military’s administration in Yangon’s Shwepyitha township were widely circulated. The poorly prepared quarantine center doesn’t even have proper beds, only wooden pallet bed frames with rattan mats on them. Netizens quickly compared to the quarantine centers prepared by civilian government back in 2020 when the Covid first wave hit Myanmar. Seeing the disappointing and contradicting condition of the quarantine center, netizens are now cautious, reminding one another to follow Covid-19 prevention measures strictly so that they won’t be sent to one of those quarantine centers.

Speaking of Covid-19, Chin State sees increasing number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. In Kale township, 10 deaths were reported in June 10 alone according to Chin World media. Local volunteers said that around 50 people get tested every day, and approximately 20 people are found positive. Schools in Paletwa townships were ordered to close on June 10 since more than 10 people are now infected with Covid-19 in the small town. Positive cases and deaths were also reported in other parts of Chin State such as Tonzan, Rikhawdar townships. 

Yet, Chin people have to defend themselves from more dangerous enemy — the regime’s forces. Chinland Defense Force (CDF) updated last night that fighting broke out between CDF Hakha and the junta’s forces yesterday, killing 10 soldiers from the regime’s side. In Than Tlang township, CDF Than Tlang managed to kill 17 junta’s soldiers including a captain as a battle broke out yesterday. Chin World news reported today that at least seven internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were taking refuge in a village near Mindat town were arrested by the soldiers. The report said that the number could be more. It is also reported that military council has controlled all the transportation to Mindat town, which means sending aid items to IDPs will be more and more difficult.

Even in the bad economy, people who are fortunate enough to still have income donate money, in turn, to civil servants on strike and growing IDPs in conflict areas. Volunteers raise funds, purchase aids items such as food, medicines, sleeping bags and deliver to the IDPs by networking with locals because we have nothing but each other at this point. Today, Karenni IDPs Support Network in Kayah (Karenni) State shared photographs of rice bags and medicines burned and destroyed by the regime’s forces near Mobye township. These aid items were donated by the people and to be delivered to the IDPs. The car that had carried the aid items was also burned down. This incident that clearly showed that the military council and its minions do not have the best interest of the people at heart. No matter how much the junta tries to sugarcoat on the world stage, its true color shows again and again, and world leaders need to know that. 

After being sent hundreds of military troops, Demoso township saw indiscriminate shootings and attacks by the junta’s soldiers. Two civilians who were out to get food supplies were shot dead according to Karenni Guys, a blog by local youths. Today, Myanmar Now media reported that eight attacks were launched on churches in Karenni State despite the appeals by religious leaders. A catholic priest from Loikaw said that the attacks were deliberate because the churches put up white flags, the universally recognised signal to immunity from attacks. Since the junta’s forces targeted their attacks on churches, the buildings can no longer shelter the civilians on the run. 

It was quite eventful in Kayin State today. At least seven explosions took place in Hpa-an town since 5am this morning. Karen Information Center (KIC) reported that bomb blasts took place at High School No.3 of Hpa-an, Road Transportation Administration Department, ward administration offices, traffic police offices and a few more roadside locations, but no injuries were reported yet. Today, Hpa-an township court sentenced two years imprisonment to 36 young protesters who were arrested for staging anti-coup protests on February 28. Yesterday in Myawaddy border town, two attorneys were arrested by the junta’s forces with the notorious Penal Code 505A. According to KIC’s report, the two attorneys were representing Kayin State Chief Minister Nang Khin Htwe Myint, and other state ministers. 

Today, Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) announced that 22 people died in the military interrogation centers. Among them, three people were died within 24 hours of custody, and four were killed within two days in the hands of junta’s soldiers. As of today, 861 people have been killed by the military council.

More than 130 days since the coup, we haven’t given up on our resistance. People continue to show their rejection towards the military junta via marching strikes on the streets, guerrilla protests, online campaigns and civil disobedience movement (CDM).

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