Freedom Memoirs – Day 133

It’s 133 days since the military has illegally staged a coup in Myanmar, and Myanmar people from all over the world have yet to give up. Today saw protests from both local and international communities coming out in all forces in our journey towards freedom.

Today is a #BlackforRohingya campaign day. Many people came out to show their support for our Rohingya brothers and sisters both online and offline. Some of the offline protests can be found in Yangon’s North Dagon township, and in Dawei, and on social media, the youths are showing their support by posting photos of them wearing black shirts. Despite the continuous lethal crackdown and arbitrary arrest in Yangon, the youths continued to stage guerrilla protests this morning. As always, Mandalay protesters kept up with their rallies even after 100 days. About 2000 protesters from villages in Yinmabin and Salingyi townships also came together to honor the 95th day of anti-coup protest in Sagaing Region. Protesters donning white shirts in Tanintharyi Region marched through the streets of Yebyu township. In another part of Tanintharyi, the military regime has issued a Section 144 in Launglon township on June 11 which banned more than 5 persons gathering, but residents of Launglon still gathered in defiance to protest against the military government. In Kachin State, residents of Mogaung township came out at 4am right after the curfew was lifted to march through the streets. 

Across the world, Myanmar diaspora from Czech Republic, France, Japan, South Korea, Norway and Netherlands also came out to join the efforts of people in Myanmar to protest against Min Aung Hlaing’s unjust control of Myanmar. 

In abductions news, today’s news cycle began with the abduction of about seven Christian pastors from Ye-U township, Sagaing Region who were snatched by the terrorist military around 3am this morning, according to DVB News. Witnesses said the regime’s forces ransacked the place in the process as well. As of now, about four were reportedly released but others are still detained for no reasons. Sources said that this was the doing of the military informant. In another informant news, junta-appointed Development Committee of Ayeyarwady Region’s Kangyidaunk township has been teaming up with the military terrorists to abduct innocent civilians of the township.

All these junta-appointed officials and members of Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) acting as informants or participating in the arrest process of the innocent civilians are becoming worse and worse day by day in Myanmar. Than Lwin Khet News reported that in the southern part of Sagaing Region, some of the USDP members, who in soldier uniforms, are a part of the raids of the National League for Democracy (NLD) related homes in the region, according to an update from Mingin-People Defense Force. People Defense Force from Mindat township also announced on June 12 that USDP members are openly involved in terrorist activities of the military council, and they consider USDP as a terrorist organization. Further north, Myanmar military is upping their game in Kachin State’s Putao township by teaming up with the Pyithusit militia to conduct military training in several villages to fight the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), according to a resident of Putao. 

In another military-related news, reports came out yesterday night that a 14-year-old nun was sexually assaulted by a soldier recently, but the news was kept under wraps by the family for the safety of the victim who is a minor. According to the reports, the nun was raped at a monastery in Namphatka village in Kutkai township, Shan State. She is an ethnic Ta’ang and once the family learned of the news, the family disrobed her to protect her. Today there was a meeting between the monks, Ta’ang National Party, Ta’ang Literature and Culture Committee, police and two members of terrorist council to discuss this, and of course, the disgusting soldier-culprit denied the claims. There were also rumors running around that the military side had paid MMK500,000 to keep this news quiet. Whatever it is, this is vile and sickening. It’s important that people need to believe the victim and take the claims seriously. 

On the political front, Myanmar Now reported that the junta’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) have started their investigation into political parties in Myanmar on whether they have links to Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), the National Unity Government (NUG) and the People Defense Forces (PDFs). Khit Thit Media further exposed that there is a confidential directive from the terrorist council to the MOHA to take actions against MPs who did not sign a statement saying they are not involved with CRPH, NUG and PDFs. The military council is targeting all of the MPs who won in our last general election. 

Min Aung Hlaing-led military council’s desperation to control, and yet still failing to control the country and the people after four long months prove that they are always going to have an uphill battle with every citizen of Myanmar who is hungry for freedom. We just hope they won’t bring our once-prospering nation further down the drain together with them. People deserve better. 

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