Freedom Memoirs – Day 144

A shocking CCTV footage of the regime’s soldiers’ cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians in their own home on June 19 in Kalay township, Sagaing, surfaced today on social media.Since February, many cases of murders committed by the regime’s soldiers caused dismay to civilians as many people have been shot dead when they are out doing daily activities. A 27-year-old man was shot dead yesterday’s evening when he was on his way returning home from the tea shop with his friend. He was shot down by the junta’s soldiers when he refused to stop at their order.  A similar case occurred on June 19, where a toddler was killed as the father was taking his sick child to the clinic. Soldiers followed his motorbike and drove into him when they saw that he turned back to avoid them. The regime’s soldiers seemed to be constantly on guard to protect their own lives against People Defense Force’s(PDF) missions. 

Last night around 7:30pm, Kachin Independence Army (KIA) launched offensive attacks on the regime’s checkpoint near Bala Min Htin bridge near Maingnar, Kachin State. In retaliation, the regime fired artillery shots to Khayabum near the KIA headquarters of Laiza around 9pm. KIA’s spokesperson Colonel Naw Bu warned the people today that the calls of the battles are to be expected at any time as tensions between the regime and anti-coup resistance groups have heightened day by day. It is reported that PDFs were trained by ethnic armed groups such as KIA and KNU and there is a speculation that some attacks are coordinated attacks of PDF and ethnic armed groups. The threat of PDF has been real to the regime’s forces as the security checkpoints have increased. Today in Hledan, the regime’s forces were seen inspecting everyone who passed them. In Putao township of Kachin state, SAC’s ally militant group, known as people’s militias in Burmese, is reported forcibly recruiting at least one person from each household in Nam Shal village, Pan Ma Ti village tract.

The regime’s tactic to incite fear among the people and to divide people’s solidarity in order to kill the resistance movement continues. Yesterday’s evening, there was news that the leader of the Mandalay-PDF (MDY-PDF) was arrested, but it was proven to be false this morning, and the leader assured the people that they have enough members who will protect the people from harms committed by the regime. The NUG’s Union Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Dr. Tu Hkawang, also warned people on his social media that the junta’s use of a divisive tactic, and the collective leadership is the key to the federal country. The battle is long, and people need to stand against the regime united and resilient.

The regime also continues with labeling the NUG and PDF as terrorist groups. In response today the NUG issued a statement that the urban shootout between the MDY-PDF and the regime was an act of self-defense in accordance with the law.  It is a fact that it is the SAC that continues to disregard the law and come up with fabricated evidence to charge their enemies, to arrest anyone who disobeys, and to raid places and loot properties like thugs. The regime’s press council reported today that several former ministers including Magway’s Chief Minister, Dr.Aung Moe Nyo and Yangon Regional Minister for Social Affairs, Naing Ngan Lin, were charged with corruption cases. 

In Lal Zin village of Monywa township, after the killing of a member of the family who was accused as the military informant by an unknown group of people, more than 150 personnels of SAC’s forces stormed the village. More than eight civilian homes were destroyed and properties looted. All the villagers had fled. One 24-year-old young man from this village had died previously in custody on June 21.

On the international front, a group of Burmese diaspora in the United States today went to protest in front of the office of Congressman Gregory Meeks to recognize the NUG and to transfer the USD 1 billion in Burmese government funds held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. A petition was also out today demanding dozens of multinational corporations like Adani ports, CNPC and Daiwa House Industries to stop supporting the military-owned conglomerates and businesses. 

As usual, protests continue to this day. Some places like Yinmabin district of Sagaing have reached 106th day of protest where villagers gathered in mass rallies until today.

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