Freedom Memoirs – Day 145

Last night, state-owned TV channels aired the footage of Murderer-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing receiving an honorary degree from Military University of Defense Ministry of Russia. The honorary degrees are usually awarded to individuals to recognise their exceptional contributions to the society. Looking at the track record of Min Aung Hlaing, he has so far achieved a failed coup, murders of 881 innocent lives, arbitrary arrests of 6,348 people, displacement of more than 177,500 people since the coup, and not to mention the Rohingya genocide. He committed nothing but crimes against humanity, yet, the Russia military chooses to award an “honorary degree” to him. The “ceremony” was held in a poorly decorated room, with the murderer-in-chief wearing unflattering red regalia, looking like a clown. The photo quickly became a meme and a caption contest. Later in the night, it was reported that the plane with Min Aung Hlaing on board landed in Kazan City, which is known for producing fighter aircrafts. His detour to Kazan sounds like a shopping spree.

It seems that Russia and China are in the competition of “Who will stir up more troubles for the people of Myanmar?” Myanmar Now media reported last night that a cargo ship named “Santya”, carrying more than 10,000 tons of aviation fuels, will arrive Yangon on June 26. The ship left Singapore on June 22, and the Jet A1 fuels that the ship carried can be used not only in commercial flights, but also in military-used fighter jets and helicopters. In May, Reuter news reported that Singapore branch of China’s state-owned Petro China company sold more than 13,300 tons of aviation fuels and 4,000 tons of gasoline. Although we don’t know details about Santya, we do know that the junta frequently uses airstrikes on ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) controlled areas. While many called for sanctions on the military council, continuous supports like this from Russia and China only help the military junta killing more innocent civilians. 

The junta’s powerful weapons do not seem to scare the people of Myanmar because they continue to occupy the streets of Myanmar to peacefully protest against the military. Today, Yangon’s Bahan township saw a quick guerrilla protest led by young protesters while Mandalay protests were still going strong with marching rallies. From Hpakant in Kachin State to Dawei in Taninthayi Region, protesters were seen marching, chanting protest songs, rejecting the military, supporting towns/cities that were heavily targeted by the regime’s forces, and calling for federal democracy. However, Mandalay Alliance Protest was cracked down around 2pm before it started the afternoon march, resulting in arrests of at least five people. In Taninthayi’s Laung Lon township, anti-coup protesters from Mya Kha Pat village saw crackdown by the regime’s forces. Khit Thit media reported that at least 30 gunshots were heard but the arrests and injuries are yet to be verified. 

Junta’s forces keep on committing atrocities as if human lives do not have any worth. Last night in Falam, Chin State, a 19-year-old Mai Nuam Za Thiang was shot by the regime’s soldiers and injured, and it was reported that she died the next morning. In Kalay township of the same state, 24-year-old Salai Vum Za Lian was also shot dead by the junta’s forces. In Laung Lon township, Youth Development Institute was raided by the junta’s soldiers around 8am this morning. The Institute is a youth center, providing capacity and development trainings for young people in the area. Junta’s soldiers seized the center’s properties such as projector, office furnitures and 20 motorbikes. In Magway Region, Pwint Phyu township, five civilians were arrested arbitrarily by the regime’s soliders last night and this morning.

Attacks to the junta-appointed administrators and military informants continued, too. Around 8am today, two explosions blasted in Hlaing Township, Yangon. The first bomb exploded beside a township immigration office, and the second one blew up while the junta’s forces were carrying out the search according to a local source. In Mandalay around 5am, an unknown gunman opened fire at Kyaw Kyaw Min, a military informant and a member of USDP, the military’s proxy political party. He was shot four times and injured. Again in Myingyan, Zero Guerrilla Force announced that it had managed to throw a handmade grenade inside the house of Daw Thida Yu Mon. The woman is a member of Pyu Saw Htee, a group of junta’s lackeys, and she is also armed, according to the Zero Guerrilla Force. Last night, a bomb blast took place inside the compound of District Police Office in Pathein, Ayeyarwaddy Region.

Clashes between people’s forces and the SAC’s soldiers have been breaking out on a daily basis in Sagaing’s Kani Township. The junta’s soldiers keep on raiding small villages and arresting civilians. In Minkin township, fighting broke out between local resistant group and the regime’s forces yesterday, killing 15 soldiers from the junta’s side and one resistant fighter. This morning, Yinmabin PDF announced that three military trucks were attacked with landmines on Pale-Gantgaw highway road. 

The State Administration Council (SAC) formed a new legal team, led by the regime’s foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin, to represent at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The eight-person committee is comprised of former military personnels, union ministers, two active lieutenant generals, two members of advisory board to the regime, and junta-appointed union attorney general Daw Thida Oo, who was present at the first court hearing in December 2019. The National Unity Government (NUG)’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs U Moe Zaw Oo said that the civilian government would no longer offer a defense in the case. With no Nobel Laureate to defend for them this time, the military is on its own. 

This evening, Mizzima News reported a breaking news that the regime planned to release detained political prisoners tomorrow. However, the number of detainees to be released is yet to be confirmed. Currently, more than 5000 people are still detained according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

The NUG also held a press conference this evening, which we will report tomorrow.

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