Freedom Memoirs – Day 149

Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Minister of Health and Education of the National Unity Government, shared the different phases of Spring Revolution on his social media platform this afternoon, and said we are currently in phase four where we are defending ourselves, launching guerrilla warfare and fighting till the end. His post also warned everyone to be vigilant and to be prepared for an upcoming D-day. Anything is possible under the military regime, and it’s important all of us mentally and physically prepare for the worst-case scenarios. 

Today an armed resistance group called “Thunderstorms without Borders” announced that between June 24 and 27, they have killed a total of thirty security members and informants in four days in Sagaing Region. A resident who spoke to Than Lwin Khet News said that people only recognized the resistance group as on the people’s side, and people supported it. In Yangon, a man from Thingangyun township was shot at a close range in the market, and a clerk from ward administration of South Dagon township was reportedly killed on her way back home on June 28. Both were rumored to be informants for the military’s security forces. 

In Yangon’s Tamwe township around 12pm, reports came out that security forces at Myanmar Economic Bank in Myittar Nyunt ward were shot and a policeman reportedly died. The junta’s forces deployed more soldiers in the area and security was tightened for the civilians in the entire township for the rest of the day. The regime always wants to act like people are their enemies and respond to situations in an extreme manner. But how about when it’s their side making threats against innocent people. On June 28, Pyu Saw Htee militia group based in Meiktila posted a statement, threatening attacks on 65 families of National League for Democracy (NLD) party members. The statement accused the 65 families of NLD members as terrorists and claimed that they would attack them, their family members, relatives and businesses. Honestly, they are not even trying to have any subtly anymore. Reports also came out from Mindat, Chin State that the military council has allowed the civilians to reopen the market for one day, but the armed inhumane lackeys of the military regime reportedly came into the market to “take photos”. The civilians fled in fear as soon as they were spotted. 

In Kachin State’s Putao, the regime’s soldiers reportedly abducted six family members of a youth, including one month old baby when they couldn’t locate the youth. This kind of news has doubled up in recent days. Murderous junta’s forces have been kidnapping family members of activists, protest leaders and NLD party members in desperation as they could not find their targets since February 1. It’s nothing new, but we have been seeing so much news coming out from across Myanmar which reported of young children and infants also being taken as hostages during raids, and it’s incredibly devastating that these innocent children are being detained in custody for something that they might not even understand yet.

In the latest update on the COVID-19 cases, it’s been two days in a row that Myanmar is seeing a record high of over 1200 positive cases since February. How does the murderous military council respond? DVB News reported today that in Thandwe, Rakhine State, despite teachers and students being tested positive for COVID-19, the Township Education Officer said they are not permitted to close the schools because of an order from the “above”. As of June 27, there have been 21 positive cases in Thandwe township. In other education sector news, over 1600 education staff were fired by the military regime in Hpruso and Demoso townships of Kayah State. 

In non-murderous SAC news, Mawkun Magazine reported on June 28 that Shan State Progessive Party/ Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) has been force-recruiting the villagers, and extorting money if villagers decline to be recruited. Reports said since June 15, SSPP/SSA asked 15 villagers in every village of Namkhan township to join their army, if not, to pay 300,000 MMK. Some villagers said even if they paid, they were still recruited. DVB News also reported that SSPP/SSA are doing the similar thing in Hsenwi township on June 28, causing both young men and women to flee their homes.

It’s been almost five months that our nation has been under the Min Aung Hlaing-led military council. It’s hard to believe that our developing nation has crumbled beyond our hopes and dreams within that time period. But one thing we will thank him is for making our spirit stronger in unity. Our brave fellow brothers and sisters continued to march through their streets across Myanmar. Today’s protests can be found in Kachin State’s Hpakant township; Mon State’s Mawlamyine, Magway Region’s Myaing and Salingyi and Budalin townships in Sagaing Region. Urban cities like Mandalay and Yangon continued on with their protests despite tightened security as well.

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