Freedom Memoirs – Day 178

We reported yesterday that one was killed and two were injured during the crackdown of Mya Taung strike in Mandalay. We learn today that actually two people died of bullet wounds, one was identified as 25-year-old woman called Ma Thu Thu Zin. According to Mizzima news, the man who shot and killed those victims was not even a uniformed solider, his name was U Aung San, a ward administrator/member of Pyu Saw Htee. Apparently, the man used his pocket gun to disperse the flash mob before he informed his masters. This incident reminds us of why ward administrators have been targeted by PDFs and still not enough. Junta’s forces not only took the bodies but they are also trying to cover up the incident. Even with vivid graphic proofs, they might just announce in a few days that these two people have died of COVID-19.

In Pyay of Bago Region, Ko Kalar @ Ko Tin Min Htut was shot and killed as he and his friend were seen on the street after curfew hours on July 25. DVB TV News reported today that regime’s lackeys contacted the family and provided 1,000,000 MMK as a compensation. However, they refused to return the body and only allowed the family to take a look at it before cremating on their own. Junta’s forces said they had to shoot the man dead because he was carrying weapons. According to his family, Ko Kalar was out after curfew hours because he did not have enough rent for the next month and he was trying to find some money.

And in Sagaing Region, regime’s soldiers raided Thapyayaye village for a second time, forcing the villagers to flee into the nearby forests. The locals said the soldiers had stolen money, jewelries and food and destroyed a number of houses. A similar incident took place on April 2 when the soldiers stormed into the villages before they shot and killed innocent civilians. Three villagers were abducted on that day and the families have not heard about their whereabouts until this point.

Moreover, the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Kani township of Sagain Region have reached 4,000 according to DVB TV News. The clash between junta’s forces and local PDF continued today and the locals witnessed the artillery shelling from junta’s side. In the same region, reports of the dead bodies found on the streets that were most likely PDF soldiers circulated on the social media. As a slightly good news, Yaw Defense Force (YDF) announced today that they had attacked the junta’s forces with bombs and at least 20 were killed from the junta’s side and none were injured from the people’s side.

In Budalin township of Sagain Region, another village ward administrator was killed this morning around 11 am. The 50-year-old U Kyaw Swar Myint, appointed by junta, turned out to be the first administrator to be murdered in the township of Budalin. In Pauk township of Magway Region, a woman who was known as Dalan, military-informer, was also killed yesterday morning.  

On the other hand, Covid-19 cases have not slowed down even one bit. People desperately try to find much-need medicines for their beloved ones despite the rocket high prices. And junta has been doing very little to calm down the situation. Junta’s media announced yesterday that it had been installing 10 new cremation facilities that can service up to 3,000 people at the same time. Out of so many things it could help such as installing more oxygen plants or allowing private oxygen factories to distribute to the public freely, it has chosen to expand the cremation facility which clear shows that the coup leaders are willing to let more people die. Even worse, people who put up white or yellow flags on their houses calling for help said that the local administrators had warned them to put down the flags or they would face consequences because such gesture was embarrassing the authorities. Obviously, junta has no ability or will to help people during this difficult time and yet it harasses the people who try to help.

The United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin condemned the actions of military junta and urged the regional bloc to continue demanding an end to violence in Myanmar yesterday. Austin also praised the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for its efforts to resolve the crisis, including reaching an agreement with Myanmar’s military leaders in April. However, no solid point agreed back then has been implemented by the coup leaders and not even the special envoy has been appointed by ASEAN. Our biggest international friend in this revolution, the US, seems to be giving the ASEAN too much credit and looks as though it will not intervene in very effective way. It means we are all we have left. As the end of another month draws closer, let’s try to chip in however much we can to help PDFs and CDMs to stand a chance in this fight.

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