Freedom Memoirs – Day 213

Some positive news reported today that some 20 junta soldiers defected along with their equipment in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region. The junta’s helicopters were seen searching for them. Kalay People Defense Force (KPDF) confirmed this news of defection, and that the soldiers had arrived safely to the liberated area. Not surprisingly, the junta denied this news. Junta had earlier denied his troops defecting from Dawei, Pyi and other areas who had joined the civil disobedience movement (CDM). With PDF gaining strength in their use of weapons and winning on the battlefield with guerrilla tactics, some more defections are likely to happen. 

It is reported today that the two-day-battles between the junta’s soldiers and Pale PDF (PPDF) on August 30-31 killed eight regime soldiers and injured four while two members of PPDF were injured. The dead bodies of the junta’s troops are often left behind very disrespectfully to the deceased by their members. Mindat PDF reported today that bodies of two of the regime’s forces were dumped in a pit latrine. 

Arrest, violence, looting and raids continue to this day. Myanmar junta’s forces recently raided two Baptist Christian churches in a village in Mindat, Chin State, destroying the properties. The mother of Nyi Nyi Aung Htet Naing, one of the fallen heroes on February 28, was today arrested in place of the twin brother KoKo Aung Htet Naing who was not there at the house. The soldiers are searching for the twin brother who is now in hiding. Two volunteers of Pauk township, Magway region, were arrested by the regime’s forces accusing them of bomb blasts that occurred on the night of August 30. In Rakhine State, two Rohingya ward administrators were arrested on August 29, and were returned as dead bodies on August 31, RFA Burmese reported. In Myingyan township, the son of a former ward administrator under the civilian government, and anti-military protester were killed by an unarmed group of men on a motorbike. 

On the other hand, Myanmar people have not given in even though it is already seven months under the coup. In Launglon township in Dawei, a protest led by Autyayphyu main strike took to the streets against the fascist military regime saying we will never kneel down to the dictator. In the same township in a different place, women protesters marched against the regime chanting to topple down the regime and to recognize the National Unity Government (NUG). Many protests have been calling for recognition of the NUG in their chants and banners as the credential challenge at the UN General Assembly is scheduled this month. The signs are written clearly and boldly in English for an international community. In Mandalay, Sangha led the protest against the murderer regime. In Tamu township in Sagaing, women led the protest against the murderer caretaker government. The protest occurred in Kalay, Yinmarbin townships of Sagaing, and Paung township, Mon State, as well.

On the international front, China and Russia, together with the regional bloc, ASEAN, continue to cooperate with the junta purely for their self-interest for economic and regional power gains. China’s special envoy, Sun Guoziang, maade unannounced visit to Myanmar from August 21 to August 28 for eight days which were not publicised by the junta media. The envoy met the murderer-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing, and junta-appointed Foreign Affairs Minister Wanna Maung Lwin and Union Minister Lt-Gen Yar Pyae. Yesterday, the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Affairs office Wang Wenbin issued a statement that Myanmar should find a political solution through dialogue under the rule of law. Today, deputy murderer-in-chief, Soe Win left from Naypyidaw this morning to attend the closing ceremony of the International Army Games 2021 in Russia. It was also reported that the regime bought military aircrafts and weapons from Army-2021 exhibition of Russian weapons on August 22-28, worth more than 2000 million dollars.

The clashes in Karen State have been escalating recently. Junta’s soldiers and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) troops clashed early this morning in Kyain Seik Gyi township, Karen State when the regime forces came to take revenge on KNLA for burning down their military post some days ago. Justice for Myanmar reported that as tension between Karen National Union (KNU) and the regime escalates, junta soldiers detained and beat Karen women, using them as human shields and porters. Chin State, particularly Mindat township, also saw violent crackdown and revenge by the junta’s forces. Today, a Chin ethnic organisation, Institute of Chin Affairs, issued a report that more than 100 Chin ethnic nationalities have been killed within seven months under the coup.

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