Freedom Memoirs – Day 220

by mohingamatters

Resistant war on the junta rages on across the country. The coup leaders, junta’s lackeys and allies are all targeted. With the National Unity Government (NUG) calling for a nationwide resistance war against the junta, local people’s defense forces (PDF) and guerrilla forces have called for people to join in the fight. Yangon Urban Guerrillas (YUG) released a statement today that they were determined to sacrifice their lives for the cause, and that people should engage in their utmost determination and persistence to join the resistant war by helping each other. All the pillars of the revolution such as civil disobedience movement (CDM), protests, and people’s various campaigns should all work together and stand against the junta. 

Many bomb blasts were reported in Yangon today. In Hlaing Tharyar township, around 1:45pm, Hlaing Tharyar Guerrilla Force set up three detonated mines to the police station on the Yangon highway which left three junta’s soldiers severely wounded. Bomb blasts were reported until the evening in at least five townships in Yangon.

The clashes have escalated in the Karenni State. In Pekhon town, Southern Shan State, the trucks carrying reinforcement troops of the junta’s soldiers were dynamited by the Karenni (KNDF) and Pekhon People Defense Force (PPDF) around noon today. The incident killed five junta soldiers, and shots were exchanged for 25 minutes. After the clash, junta soldiers killed two civilians who were on motorbike. The soldiers were seen setting alight to the civilian homes of Sanpya-6 village located between Loikaw and Demoso townships this morning. Villagers were not present at their homes as they escaped to a safe place since yesterday when they heard more reinforcements were deployed. Three houses were destroyed by heavy artillery yesterday, and two houses were burnt down by the soldiers. Last night, some PDF attacked Demoso police station which resulted in three junta’s soldiers dead and four injured. Due to firing of heavy artillery by the regime’s army, an eight-year-old child died when he was fleeing from his home with his parents on the motorbike.

In Pale township of Sagaing region, People’s Revolution Army (PRA) and a local PDF reported today that they set up the detonated mine yesterday that blasted 30 junta’s soldiers who were patrolling on their motorbikes resulting in seven deaths and four injured. In Mandalay, an unknown group of people from a private car threw a bomb into a police station on Aungmye Tharzan 26th street around noon. In another region, Magway, three bomb blasts were reported in Yesagyo township leaving some junta soldiers injured. Details of injuries and casualties are not yet known. Allies of the junta, military informants and members of pro-military Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) were also targeted. Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) warned the business not to cooperate with the junta. In Mandalay, an unknown group of men shot the junta-appointed ward administrator in Maha Aung Myay today. 

In the southernmost part of Myanmar, Taungpyauk Taiknal village-tract, Dawei district of Tanintharyi region, saw three clashes yesterday. Today, more soldier reinforcements were seen in the area and more than 200 soldier personnels were reported to be deployed. Yesterday, the Karen National Union (KNU) and local PDF groups together fought to defend attacks from regime side, but the regime responded by firing heavy artillery. No details of casualties and injuries were reported, but many civilians had fled the area. One civilian home was set alight, and the soldiers continued to threaten they would burn down all the houses. 

Protests were also observed in many villages and townships. Yinmarbin, Sarlingyi, Myaing, Taze, Launglon and Mandalay protesters all took to the streets, and some carried out nighttime strikes.

Junta, on the other hand, has also taken its best efforts to crack down on the dissidents from all pillars. Now they are back to square one arresting the CDM participants and influential figures. A CDM participant, U Aung Myo Thu, a teacher at the Kawa township, Bago, was arrested via an ambulance. To date, there are three CDM teachers arrested in Kawa township. Irrawaddy News also reported that the junta has asked Thai authority to arrest members of the National Unity Government (NUG) who had fled to Thailand.

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