Freedom Memoirs – Day 223

Last night in Mandalay, about 20 junta’s soldiers fired multiple gunshots in Maha Aung Myay Township, and arrested three youths by force. A resident from the area said that those victims were abducted without any concrete cause. Similarly, today morning at 5am, junta’s forces raided  Ma U village in Yesagyo, Magway Region, forcing the villagers flee from their homes. During the raid, the soldiers reportedly beat four villagers, before stealing 350,000 MMK and 4 rice bags.

Many news mention that 10 prominent businessmen were arrested by junta in Hpa-an last night. A family member told Than Lwin Times that her dad had also been detained without apparent reason and the family hasn’t heard anything from her father. Rumors said that the businessmen are being held as ransoms and soon families will have to bribe for their release.

Today, a viral photo of two youths in blood kneeling and raising three fingers has been spread on the social media. Rumors have been spreading that those Pasqual Lel and Phi Day Lel are  People Defence Forces (PDF) members, and it was their last moment before they were shot by the military. However, the truth came out later that those two kids were just internally displaced people running away from the battle field, and when they came back to their village San Pya 6 mile from Karenni, they were caught by regime’s soldiers and eventually fell under such fate.

Another close-tragic incident happened to one of the popular Facebook pages. The owner has been anonymously supporting an online campaign with his artistic skills, and his Youtube Campaign has reached to 2.8 million viewers as of now. However, one Facebook user leaked the artist’s personal information, and currently, the page owner’s safety is at concern. Therefore, he currently has to suspend his contributions to the revolution. From this incident, Facebook users in Myanmar should also pay attention to not leak any personal information of figures even with light-hearted intentions that are contributing heavily in the combat against the military.

Earlier this morning, a PDF announced that they had shot the military informant U Win Cho seven times with a pistol in Shwebo. The injury is severe, and U Win Cho is currently being hospitalized. Shwebo is not the only region where the military informers had been shot. In Sagaing, the military thug group Pyu Saw Htee leader and two ward administrators had also been killed and a military informer had been murdered in Insein township in Yangon. 

The electricity supply office in Hlaing township in Yangon was bombed in the afternoon too. After the incident, the military blocked the nearby areas, and arrested two male and two female for the suspicion of bombing. In Hlaingtharyar township, the shoe factory where the junta’s forces were guarding have also been detonated by the urban guerrilla group members. One of the members stated that more bombs exploded while being cleared. Rumors said that about two soldiers could die in the incident. In Magway, the check point near Myathalun pagoda has been attacked, and three soldiers are injured. In Kyaukse, a bomb has been thrown into the resident house of former military leader Than Shwe. However, there is no resident in the house during the bombing.

In the afternoon, a group of university alumni forces led the demonstrations at Myanmar Plaza in Yangon, and encouraged everyone to participate in the revolution against the military. With the credential challenge happening in UN in next week, protesters across Myanmar also demanded the UN to accept NUG and reject military. These protests took place in Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Ayawaddy, Paung township in Mon, Tayetchaung, Laung Lon and Dawei in Tanintharyi, De Pae Yin, Sarr Lin Gyi, Monywa in Sagaing, Magway, Myaing, and Pwintphyu in Magway, Moe Hnyin and Myitkyina in Kachin, Kalay in Chin, Nantkham in Shan, and Pyin Oo Lwin. Even the youth forces from EAOs participate in the protest, and Myanmar from abroad such as Norway and Israel are also protesting in respective countries. During the protest, a very tragic news happened in Mandalay where the protests are staged on almost daily basis. Today, junta’s forces rammed the car into the protest area, killing one and abducting two.

State Administration Council (SAC) has commanded to increase security around Mytel and MPT telecommunication towers after there have been multiple incidents of being destroyed during the past week. Though they have made that announcement, the detonation of telecommunication towers are still ongoing. Even today, Mytel telecom tower in Tapeikkyin and 2 Mytel towers in Khin Oo township, Sagaing were destroyed.

As National Unity Goverment’s “Spring Lottery” was a successful campaign, SAC is also planning to sell the state lottery online. Currently, Myanmar citizens are boycotting the state lottery overwhelmingly, and the lottery sales had reached the lowest number since the coup. On the other hand, Myanmar Kyat value continues depreciating, and the gold price rises to 19 lakhs per tical, and ten ticals gold blocks are even at a shortage. Dollar value is also in a very high demand at 2050 MMK per USD. Compared to an average of 1,381 MMK in February, the depreciation value of Myanmar Kyats value is very significant.

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