Freedom Memoirs – Day 229

by mohingamatters

We reported last night the State Administration Council (SAC) targeted several townships in Sagaing Region with infantry, navy and air forces. In Mae The Kyo village, Chaung-U township, a battle started when local people defense force (PDFs) dynamited a MyTel mobile tower on the night of September 15. On September 16, junta soldiers raided the village so the PDFs defended the regime’s forces. Gunfires were exchanged for an hour, and the regime used a chopper to launch aerial attacks. As a result, five PDF members were killed and one was arrested. Bodies of five PDFs were disfigured, and the detained PDF’s whereabout was unknown according to Myanmar Now’s report. 

What the regime forces can’t kill is the strong spirit of the people. Despite raids, tortures and murders, people from Sagaing continued to march against the military region, and showed support to local PDFs. Marching protests were observed in Yinmabin, Sarlingyi, Taze, Ayardaw, Shwebo and Kalay townships in Sagaing Region alone. Brave people of Mandalay also took to the street with three separate rallies, raising three fingers and chanting to revolt until the end. Launglon township and Dawei district marching rallies were also staged in Taninthayi Region.

From north to south, the regime soldiers continue to harass innocent people. In another part of Sagaing Region, 22 male villagers from Kan Thit village, Khin-U Township were abducted last night. The arrest came after local PDF King Cobra group shot and killed two pro-military Pyu Saw Htee members yesterday. One of 22 men was charged with homicide, but for the rest, the plaintiff who was also the leader of Pyu Saw Htee group asked 10 lakh MMK as ransoms for each captive. However, majority of the family members could not pay for the ransom money. In Taninthayi Region, Launglon township, at least nine villagers including an underage female student were detained when regime soldiers entered Aut Yay Phyu village-tract this morning around 10am. Upon entering the village, regime soldiers opened fire at onlookers, and about 100 gunshots were heard according to a local. 

Moving to ethnic areas, the combined forces of Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and Karenni Army (KnA) clashed against the regime’s soldiers who were moving towards a refugee camp near Dawpoesi and Six mile villages in Demoso Township last night. The battle took about 45 minutes, and a sergeant from Karenni Army was hit with an artillery shelling and passed away in the forest. Two other soldiers were also injured according to DVB News. The Karenni forces requested civilians to refrain from travelling on highway roads during 6pm to 6am when fightings occasionally take place.

In Tedim, Northern Chin State, the coalition forces of PDF Zoland, CDM Battalion 2, and Kalay-Kabaw-Gantgaw based Chinland Defense Force (CDF-KKG) launched an attack at Khai Kam police station this morning, killing five policemen. CDF spokesperson Ko John said that the attack was to warn remaining 15 policemen at the station to join Civil Disobedience movement (CDM). He continued that more attacks at the regime’s establishments would be launched so the regime’s soldiers/policemen should switch to the people’s side soon. CDF announced to provide security and transport for defected soldiers, and even to help them relocate. Extra cash rewards will also be arranged for defected soldiers who bring arms. 

Since the announcement of defensive war by the National Unity Government (NUG), bomb blasts are more frequently reported in urban areas. In Yangon, an explosion blasted at the traffic police outpost at the corner of Inya Road and Pyay Road around 6am this morning. Four bomb attacks were also reported in Shwepyitha township. Around 8am, two consecutive bomb blasts were reported on Strand Road, Mawlamyine city in Mon State. No injury was reported from the incidents. In Shan State, Aungban town, an explosion took place in front of the office of Pa-O National Organization (PNO).

It is not news that the free press is under attack since the coup. What’s news is that the regime has arrested five former journalists in the second week of September. DVB News reported that two women and three men no longer worked as active journalists/news editors yet they were still arrested by the regime. An anonymous journalist speculated that even though the regime had revoked publishing/broadcasting licenses and arrested journalist, its atrocities were reported to the world in timely manner and thus they targeted former journalists who were able to produce news. Little did the junta know is that in this day and age of technology, everyone has become a citizen journalist with mobile phone cameras. The regime’s barbaric activities will be reported, and the generals and their lackeys will be held accountable. 

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