Freedom Memoirs – Day 241

Today, people from urban areas woke up to the sounds of bomb blasts. Around 6.50am, a bomb blasted near traffic police outpost in Yangon’s Hlaing Tharyar township where junta soldiers based. Local resistance force CGF-HTY claimed responsibility, and said it planted two bombs but only one blasted. In the capital Naypyidaw, an explosion took place near KBZ Bank around 9am, and no casualty was reported according to Pyinmana Alert. Last night in Pakokku town of Magway Region, a bomb was thrown inside a police patrol car around 5pm according to Irrawaddy News. Due to the bomb blast, two police were killed instantly and three were injured, a witness told Irrawaddy News. With increasing instability, the sounds of bomb blast and gunfire become normal for the people of Myanmar. 

Although regime soldiers are frequently targeted by resistance forces, they have not stopped their attacks at the people. This morning around 9am, regime forces launched an attack at Hnan Kha village near Gantgaw-Kalay highway road in Magway Region. Local defense forces defended the attack but due to the imbalance forces, resistance fighters had to flee, and by 10am, regime forces entered and set the village on fire. According to Burma VJ news, this was the third time that Hnan Kha village was set ablaze by the regime forces this month; once on September 12 and another on 13. Internet has also been cut off in Gantgaw township as well.

Four months into active clashes, war-torn Kayah (Karenni) State continues to suffer heavy attacks from the regime side. A clash broke out between the regime forces and the combined forces of Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and local PDFs from Phekhon, Loikaw and Demoso this morning around 9am in Kone Tha village, located between Loikaw and Phekhon township of Shan State. Due to the heavy artillery shelling from the regime side, a house was burned down according to Khit Thit Media. As the battle continued throughout the day, artillery shelling inside the village also continued. Khit Thit Media reported that the battle was intense and casualties from both sides were estimated, and Phekhon PDF announced that four of its fighters died in this battle. As of writing this, the fighting continues.

Kachin State also saw a clash today. Around 10am in the morning, a clash took place between the regime forces and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) near Dein Kaut village, Tanai township. Due to the severe fighting, about 20 soldiers from the regime side died according to an official from KIA. In Sagaing Region, Kani township, local PDFs ambushed military watercraft that carried food supplies and weapon reinforcement along Chindwin River today. In addition, two clashes took place along the river. During these encounters, Kani PDF reported five of its soldiers injured, and estimated more soldiers were injured from the regime side. 

While intense battles broke out in rural areas, regime forces conduct arrests in cities. Yesterday afternoon, junta soldiers raided Kin Wun Min Gyi monastery in Mandalay, and arrested a monk named U Pyinnya Thiri for joining protests. This is the second time the junta forces tried to arrest U Pyinnya Thiri. Mizzima News reported that regime soldiers raided several monasteries on September 28. Two monasteries from Pyigyi Takhon township were raided, and plain-clothes soldiers were seen patrolling around one monastery in Chan Mya Thasi township. 

Regardless of the arrests and tortures, people continued to march for democracy and freedom. Protests were seen in Kalay, Yinmabin, Taze and Myaing townships in Sagaing Region, Dawei and Launglon townships in Taninthayi Region, several marching strikes in Mandalay to name a few. 

In his meetings, Murderer-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing blabbered on and on about how he would improve the country in next 5-10 years. In reality, he is destroying the country. Following up on the kyat depreciation, some money exchange counters already stopped their operations and gold prices was also unstable according to Khit Thit Media report. On the other hand,  Freedom House’s latest report said that Myanmar’s Internet Freedom index droped 14 point which was “the largest decline ever recorded in Freedom on the Net”. This does not come us a surprise to us since we all know how oppressive a military regime can be. Eight months have gone under the military rule and the country is spiralling downwards. The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing has no shame, putting the entire country in jeopardy. The future is unthinkable if we do not win this revolution.

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