Freedom Memoirs – Day 248

The State Administration Council (SAC) has been defeated massively on the world stage. Myanmar Now reported that 18 navy personnel, who bounded for Ukraine in connection to a Myanmar navy frigate construction project involving two Ukrainian state-owned arms companies, were denied entry at the Kyiv airport last week. After sleeping at the airport for two days, the delegation was deported to Malaysia where they attempted to apply for Ukraine visa but they were once again stuck in KL airport. Meanwhile, ASEAN, which has backed the SAC since the beginning, has lost patience in the regime. Malaysia Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that the 10-member bloc was ready to have dialogues with NUG if the SAC continues to neglect the five point consensus. ASEAN keeps on pampering the murderous regime but the people of Myanmar do not care much about them anymore as we have decided to take the matter into our own hands.

In the past few weeks, we have seen that People Defense Forces (PDFs) from Sagaing Region actively launched attacks at the regime forces. Earlier today, news outlets reported that North Western Commander Brigadier General Phyo Thant was placed under house arrest on October 5 for failing to control the territory and mismanagement. Later in the day, DVB News reported that the brigadier general had passed away during the intense interrogation after having been accused of switching to the people’s side, citing a source close to his family. So far, the information is yet to be verified but if it is true, all other military men, whether higher ranked generals or foot soldiers, should be warned that the regime knows no bounds when it comes to killing. 

Meanwhile, PDFs in Sagaing continue to do their jobs. On Monywa-Ayadaw highway road, Ayadaw Resistance Arm (ARA) detonated landmines on the military convoy two times this morning according to Irrawaddy News. One military truck was damaged on the first blast, and two trucks on the second blast. Details of the injury and damage are yet to be reported. 

In other parts of the country, the regime soldiers accelerate their atrocities and continue to harass the lives of innocent people. In Mandalay Region, Ngazun township, junta soldiers raided Yay Lel Thaung village in the early morning of October 5, abducted seven villagers including a monk, and set fire to 10 civilians’ homes. The raid and arrests were carried out as a retaliation for the attack at two military informants from a village three miles away from Yay Lel Thaung on October 3, but Ngazun locals said that there was no concrete information that Yay Lel Thaung villagers committed the crime. Similarly in Depayin township, Sagaing Region, regime forces entered Ohn Kha village, raided and looted private properties on October 5. Due to their violence, about 500 villagers fled from their homes for safety according to Khit Thit Media.

Running out of money and resources, the regime has been kidnapping business owners and asking for ransom money. We reported back in September that four local business owners from Kyaikhto township, Mon State were detained to “ask some questions”. Today, Khit Thit Media reported that three out of four business owners were released from Thaton prison after paying MMK 700 Lakh (equivalent to USD 35,000). Khit Thit Media reported that more and more business owners went in hiding as they feared for more arbitrary arrests.

Multiple bomb blasts were reported last night and today in Yangon, Shwebo and Bago cities. In Yangon, this morning around 6am, two consecutive bombs blasted in front of ward administration office in South Dagon township, injuring a 100-household-administrator Saw Than Tun. Around 11am, an explosion was reported in South Okkalar township but no injury was reported. Last night, a blast took place inside an apartment in Kamayut township, killing the 44-year-old man inside the apartment instantly. In Shwebo city of Sagaing Region, bomb blasts took place in a township administration office and an office of Road and Transportation Department today, and Shwebo PDF claimed responsibility. Similarly in Bago city, an explosion blasted this evening, injuring a 100-household-administrator Ko Kyaw. Afraid of such attacks, about 20 ward/village administrators from Yangon’s Khayan township quit their jobs according to Khayan Channel. 

On international stage, French Senate voted to recognise the National Unity Government (NUG), and the issue will later be discussed at the National Assembly. Once it is approved at both houses of the parliament, French government needs to recognise NUG as the government of Myanmar. In United States, lawmakers introduced the Burma Unified Through Rigorous Military Accountability Act of 2021 on October 5. The bill includes targeted sanctions, prohibition of importing gemstones from Burma, creating a new position of Special Coordinator for Burmese Democracy to promote an international effort, and to pressure the United Nations to take more decisive action in regard to Burma. 

The International community seems to realise the worsening situation of the regime’s control after eight months but people of Myanmar have been marching on the streets to express their rejection toward the military regime since February and they haven’t stopped. Nearly 250 days of the illegal coup, protests were still staged in many parts of the country: several villages in Myaing, Yinmabin, Sarlingyi townships in Sagaing Region, Hpakant township in Kachin State, Dawei township in Taninthayi Region to name a few.

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  1. Just want to thank you for your great reporting. I so appreciate your daily reports and I absolutely love the sarcasm in how you present it. Great job!


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